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OROGOLD 24K – About Gold – What is Gold?

Gold bars Gold, a yellowish colored soft corrosion resistant compound is considered to be the most ductile and malleable metal on the planet. The metal is usually found in alluvial deposits and veins and is recovered using processes such as sluicing, mining and panning. The name “gold” originates from an Anglo-Saxon word named “Geolo” which translates to “yellow”. The symbol origin of the word “gold” originates from the Latin word “Aurum” which means “shining dawn” and refers to Aurora, the Roman Goddess of Dawn. Gold was once referred to as one of the Noble Metals on the planet, an association that was no doubt made because of its relation with aristocracy throughout history.

Gold is considered to be an excellent conductor of electricity  and heat and it is completely unaffected by most reagents. As a result, it is generally alloyed to increase its strength and used for a variety of purposes such as an international monetary standard, jewelry, decoration, ornaments, health care, skin care and coinage. Gold is always described in “Carats” with “24 Carats” signifying pure gold.

For centuries, gold has remained to be the universal symbol of royalty, power, status and wealth. In fact, the first reference of gold as a decorative object can be traced back to more than 6000 years. Egyptians relied on gold as a source of currency in the year 1500BC and by the 16th century, the search of gold led European explorers to seek out far out lands which ultimately led to the discovery of North and South America.

Gold was always considered to be an indicator of wealth and the world famous death mask of Tutankhamun is an ideal example of this. Ancient Egyptians also believed that gold had a magical potency which contained numerous religious properties. As a result, they often referred to gold as “the flesh of gods”.

Early man’s fascination with gold was completely based on its aesthetic properties. The fact that gold was so shiny and attractive along with the fact that it was extremely workable, made it an irresistible option for mankind.  Modern day advancements have only gone on to show how important gold really is and they have simply reinforced modern day society’s passion for gold.

However, these exact same qualities have led to the use of gold being restricted to jewelry and decorations. Despite playing a huge role in the fiscal world (many economies were once operated under the gold standard) and despite the fact that a large portion of gold is held by central banking systems and governments, gold still remains to be most popular in terms of jewelry and ornamental use.

gold-graph-increase-in-pricert6One of the recent discoveries in terms of the usefulness of gold has been in the field of health care. Studies have finally proven that injectable gold can help in reducing pain and swelling in patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or tuberculosis. Similarly, gold is also believed to be extremely beneficial in terms of skin care. Although there is no hard core proof to ascertain its benefits, civilizations have used gold as a form of skin care throughout ages. One of the earliest mentions of gold in skin care can be traced back to the time of Cleopatra, the Ancient Egyptian queen who was believed to maintain her flawless complexion by sleeping with a gold face mask every night.

Gold has become even more valuable in the recent past because of the fact that it has become rather scarce. In fact, according to recent estimates, most of the largest gold reserves on earth now lie in the oceans. However, the costs associated with mining this gold exceeds its value at the present moment. But with the rate at which this metal continues to climb, the oceans could soon become the only feasible way on the planet for obtaining gold.


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