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Treating Hair Fall Using Nuts

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According to a recent study, the use of nuts in your breakfast can help you treat hair fall problems. If you are getting bored in the evening, you opt out for some snacks. Most of the time the snack you are been looking for include burgers and other fast foods. Very rare it is that a person is snacking on nuts. Well, if you are a gym member, you certainly know about the benefits of the nuts. But here we are not talking about losing weight and gaining muscles. We are about to discuss the nutrients present in various nuts that are beneficial for the growth of our hair. In case, you are getting frustrated by the amount of hair you found on your pillow after waking up in the morning, this article is perfectly written for you. Let us look into the benefits one can yield by consuming different types of nuts on a daily basis.


shutterstock_131163902Prevents dandruff

The nutrients present such as almonds in the different nuts keep dandruff at bay. It controls the oil levels in our scalp; as a result the germs are prevented from attacking our hair. To apply a gentle massage on the scalp, you can even use the oil that has been derived from almonds.

Hair fall problems are cured

Most of the nuts are rich sources of protein. Consumption of nuts regularly keeps the circulation of nutrients to the tips of the hair roots well maintained. Therefore, the roots are strengthened by the protein and hair is tied strongly with the scalp. Thus, hair fall problems are cured. Again, the oils derived from nuts can be used for best results.

Promotes the growth of hair

Certain nuts contain high amounts of magnesium in them. One example of such a nut is the almonds. Other than almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. are also a great source of hair generating nutrients. Consuming these nuts can bring positive changes on your scalp and the hair would grow much faster.

Makes the hair roots strong

Pine nuts, cashews, almonds are a great source of fatty acids named, omega3. This exact nutrient allows proper nutrition of the hair roots. This results into the prevention of hair fall.

Makes hair shinier

The nutrients present in the nuts, especially Vitamin C improves the condition of our hair and results into the shining of hair. The appearance of our hair can be glamorous, only if nuts are consumed daily.

Now, we know about the benefits of consuming nuts. The next time you want to have a snack; get some nuts guys. Don’t forget to use Orogold 24k collection to get complete skin care protection.


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