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Three Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation

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Women are confronted with an array of skin problems in their life. They need to deal with these problems expertly in order to appear beautiful. Sometimes, the problems are visible straightaway; however, there are some problems that take years to surface. Hyperpigmentation is one such problem that keeps on developing for years, until it shows up. And, when it shows up there is virtually very little that a woman could do. Still, there are methods to deal with it, thanks to the latest technological growth and advances in cosmetics. Still, the best method to keep this problem at bay is to use sunscreen daily in order to prevent the skin from getting exposed to the harmful radiations of the sun. It is because of the exposure to harmful pollutants that the skin gets affected. Apart from this, if a person has got affected with it, then there are three effective ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation that are listed here.


Women need to look for skincare creams that contain hydroquinone as the primary ingredient. It is effective in treating the dark spots effectively. Moreover, women with paler skin must understand that it is the prominent red or pink spots that they need to get rid of. Basically, this ingredient works well when it is used with retinol and is applied two times in a day. It works by preventing the enzyme from producing melanin. So, the enzyme responsible for producing melanin is stopped with the help of this ingredient.

Chemical Peel

Another equally effective method is to use chemical peel. The best part about chemical peel is that it seeps in to the innermost layers of the skin; thereby, addressing the root causes of the problem. However, the problem with chemical peel is that it may not be comfortable for many women, since it is found to be an ‘aggressive’ treatment. It gets rid of the topmost layer of the skin that has been affected by hyperpigmentation, leaving a completely vulnerable skin underneath. This skin is flaky and red, and one needs to be very careful for the next 10-14 days, until the fresh layer of the skin appears.

Intense Pulsed Light Technology

This is another effective method of getting rid of the problem of discoloration. IPL technology focuses upon removing the dark spots that have become prominent over the years. Women must consult their dermatologist though prior to choosing this treatment since women with sensitive skin must take certain precautions while choosing this option, especially after the treatment has got over.

Ablative Lasers

Quite often all the previous methods don’t work effectively, as one could still see the dark spots on their skin. This implies the condition is severe and requires greater treatment. So, in case of such stubborn spots that have penetrated deep into the skin and become prominent, women need to go for ablative lasers. Microscopic wounds get created by these ablative lasers, which are then removed easily from the skin. However, one notices that the skin is even darker than before after the treatment. This continues for 10 days actually before the skin finally flakes off. After this period the skin heals itself and one could see the new layer forming gently.

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