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Perfect Skin Care Routine To Be Followed In Monsoon For Getting Ultimate Skin

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Monsoon brings respite from the sweltering heat; however, the season comes with a number of problems, especially for the skin. The humid air provides favourable ground for the appearance of skin problems like acne, breakouts, pimples, and other annoying conditions of the skin. So, it becomes imperative to pay special attention to one’s skin, especially during monsoon. So, here is a perfect skin care routine that one could follow in monsoon that could help them get ultimate skin, which is not only free from all sorts of diseases but also has that natural shine and radiance.

Wash Face Two Times In A Day

Washing face two times in a day becomes one of the essential requirements during monsoon. This is because the air is full of pollutants and germs; so, using a quality face wash is always recommended in order to get rid of the dirt from the face. So, one must wash their face in the morning, as well as at night before going to bed.

Using Toner

Using toner could definitely help in improving the texture of the skin. Moreover, it is recommended that one goes for alcohol-free toner for getting best results. Toner is highly effective in preventing the skin from getting dry. And, people with oily skin could give astringent a try.

Go For Make-Up That Is Water Proof

Well, monsoons always wreak havoc on the skin, especially upon the women who are wearing make-up, since the arrival of sudden rains could put them in an embarrassing situation. So, it is always recommended that one must wear the make-up that is water proof.


Moisturized skin will be able to keep the problem of dryness at bay. This is mandatory to keep the skin well-nourished at all times. So, if the skin is prevented from going dry, this automatically solves a number of problems of the skin, including the occurrence of acne, and breakouts.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is an activity that can never be overlooked in any season, and monsoon is not an exception as well. So, one must exfoliate the skin at least 2 times in a week in order to slough off the cells that are totally unwanted but are forming a formidable layer over the skin, and are preventing the nourishment to other skin cell, which definitely need some fresh air and good treatment to respond positively.

Use Sunscreen Without Fail

Skipping sunscreen is mostly common for people during monsoon. This is because they see the overcast skies and assume the sun is not going to shine that day. However, even little exposure to sun during the day could prove detrimental to the skin. So, one must understand that wearing sunscreen is mandatory skincare routine that must be done in all seasons of the year, especially in monsoon since one is prone to skip sunscreen because of the weather.

Drink Abundant Water

Drinking abundant amount of water helps in making the skin glow naturally. Moreover, it also prevents the occurrence of a number of problems that are otherwise so common during the monsoon. So, to make skin beautiful and fresh from outside one must keep oneself hydrated from inside.

Surprisingly Effective Tips For Preventing The Occurrence Of Blackheads

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Blackheads are quite common among people all over the world. This problem is caused due to the clogging of the pores by excessive dirt and dust. Moreover, excessive production of sebum wreaks havoc in this condition, as this leads to the occurrence of prominent blackheads. So, simply acnes are converted into blackheads over time with the excessive and uncontrolled production of sebum and permanent blockage of the pores. The blackheads are a sort of acne thus that contains oxidised melanin. It is significant to note that melanin is a pigment produced by skin cells. Blackheads can also occur because of the hormonal changes. So, though production of sebum is necessary in order to keep the skin supple and soft, it is the overproduction of this substance in the body that wreaks havoc on skin by blocking the pores, which in turn leads to blackheads. However, there is no need to panic in this condition as one could treat this condition effectively. And moreover, by following certain tips one could prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of this condition again.


Cleansing forms the first step in the process. One must ensure that the skin is properly cleansed twice daily in order to remove any dirt or dust. Moreover, one must ensure that harmful chemicals are not used at all, since they could further heighten the condition instead of proving to be any good.

Minimizing Makeup

Makeup should also be done with caution. One must never fall prey to the false claims made by the manufacturers of various products, since excessive makeup could do more harm than good. It appears to be quite natural to hide the blackheads that are a source of embarrassment, but doing so could actually prove to be detrimental since one is actually blocking the passage of fresh air to the pores. Hence, minimizing the makeup is the primary requirement in order to get rid of this condition, or for preventing its re-occurrence.

Never Popping The Blackheads

Instant reaction of a person on seeing the blackheads is to pop these in order to get rid of them straightaway. However, one must hold this deadly temptation since this condition could worsen by doing this. Scratching could actually lead to the occurrence of obstinate scars that could worsen the problem.


Moisturizing is a mandatory step for every person, irrespective of their skin type. So, even if body is prone to producing excessive oil, it should never be estimated that the skin doesn’t need to be moisturized in this case. Moisturizing is essential so that skin’s natural pH balance is restored. However, one must choose water-based moisturizers instead of oil-based moisturizers in order to get effective results.

Changing Pillowcases Regularly

Other simple techniques like changing the pillowcases regularly can also contribute to the prevention of the blackheads. This seemingly trivial step could actually prove to be more effective, especially for the people with oily skin. This is because excessive oil that sticks to the pillow can prove highly dangerous as it could clog the pores permanently. So, pillowcases must be changed regularly to prevent the occurrence of blackheads.

Effective Ways To Treat The Problem Of Peeling Skin

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There are a number of skin problems that a person may get confronted with during their lifetime. The main problem with these skin problems is that one is not even aware of the possible reasons behind the occurrence of these problems, and in this case, they are certainly incapable of taking effective steps to either cure it or prevent the occurrence of such problems. Peeling skin is one such problem that is commonly seen among the people. However, the problem worsens when people don’t take it seriously and instead follow certain wrong methods to treat it. So, there are certain facts about peeling skin that everyone must know.

Reasons Behind Peeling Skin

There are a number of reasons that lead to the loss of the upper portion of one’s skin. Some of these factors are listed here.


Sunburn is the most common factor behind peeling skin. The main reason is that continuous exposure to the sun makes the skin drier and thus it is unable to hold on to the body as it loses its strength.


Apart from the various problems that this disease brings including irritation and inflamed skin, peeling skin is also one of the side effects of this disease.

Allergic Reactions

Other allergic reactions also lead to the condition of peeling skin. Swelling, itching, and hives invariably lead to peeling skin.


Certain infections including fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot, etc. lead to condition of peeling skin.

Immunity Disorders

Apart from the external diseases immunity disorder is also related to the occurrence of peeling skin. This is because the body is not able to fight against the external reactions, and thus skin, which is the organ that is exposed to the foreign objects, bears the maximum brunt of it. So, peeling skin is common among people with immunity disorders.

Treatments For Peeling Skin

After having understood the potential causes of peeling skin, one could now take precautionary steps to avoid the occurrence of this problem, some of which are listed here.

Do Not Pick Or Scratch

The instinctive reactions of people to peeling skin are to either pick it or scratch it. They think that they should facilitate the peeling layer of the skin in order to enable the occurrence of the new skin underneath. However, they fail to realize that this problem will deteriorate further if it is handled like this since the bacteria has a chance to affect the other parts of the skin then. So, both of these instinctive reactions must be avoided at any cost.


One of the indicators of the occurrence of the problem of peeling skin is drying of the skin. So, as soon as people notice that their skin is becoming dry, they must go for either changing their moisturizer in order to shift to an effective moisturizer, or enhancing the dosage of moisturizer.

Avoid Excessive Intake Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the fundamental requirement of the skin; however, excessive intake of Vitamin A has negative effects since it leads to the peeling skin. So, one should be wary of various gels and creams for skincare that have a large content of Vitamin A. A little vigilance would ensure that the problem of peeling skin doesn’t develop.

Keeping The Skin Protected From Sun Damage In Winters

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People become relaxed as soon as the winters approach since they assume that their skin is not at any danger in winters. These people wait for the dreaded summers to get over as according to them it is summers alone that is detrimental for the skin. However, they fail to realize that the sun is even more damaging on winters, and that ensuring protection from sun is a continuous process that must go on forever, irrespective of the time of the year. There are certain things that these people must realize can happen with their skin in winters, and these are followed by some simple yet effective techniques that one could adopt to keep the harmful radiations of sun at bay.

Some Facts About The Debilitating Effects Of Sun In Winters

Prior to adopting certain effective measures of skincare one must clear some of their myths regarding sun’s radiations in winters.

More Damage Due To UV Radiations In Winters

The first startling fact about the winter sun is that it is more harmful as compared to the sun in the summers. That is, the sun’s radiation in winters is even more penetrating, and thus more harmful to the skin.

Sun Is Harmful All The Year Round

Another thing that people must remember is that they can never take the sun for granted; whether it be summers or winters, and that the protection from sun in winters is equally important as in summers.

Cloudy Weather Offers No Respite

The clouds are not at all helpful in preventing the harmful UV radiations from reaching the earth. These radiations can penetrate through the clouds and reach the earth in any case.

So, after understanding the harmful effects of sun in winters, one must adopt certain effective techniques in order to prevent themselves. Some of these techniques are listed here.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

The first golden rule of taking care of the skin is to ensure that one never misses out to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 daily. So, whether it is rainy day, or it is a cloudy day, one must always wear their sunscreen without any fail.

Say No To Tanning Beds

A continuous exposure to tanning beds can prove detrimental for the skin in the long run as it has similar sorts of negative effects on the skin as the harmful radiations of the sun have. So, staying away from tanning beds is perhaps the obvious solution for preventing the skin.

Be Vigilant

One must be vigilant to the various changes that are happening to their skin. If one is constantly experiencing the occurrence of sun spots, wrinkles, or skin discoloration then it is time one needs to contemplate about the kind of products they have been using for their skincare routine.

Always Wear Sunglasses

The area around the eyes is really sensitive, so one must take care of the area by wearing good sunglasses. Also, this will prevent the formation of fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes since there will be no squinting then.

Morning Skin Care Tips With the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream

Are you aware that certain skin care tips that can really transform your morning skin care routine? There are a few steps that should always be followed in the morning to reveal younger looking skin and take care of your skin in the best possible manner. These tips can really awaken your skin and make it look its beautiful best. Following these morning skin care tips with the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream from OROGOLD is an ideal way to look refreshed and revived throughout the day.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

When starting off with your morning skin care routine, it is essential to cleanse your face. Some argue that washing the face isn’t required in the morning because they had cleaned it the previous night. But think about it. Your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself every night. Do you really think that it doesn’t shed dead skin cells at night? Now would you want to leave those dead cells on your face throughout the day? Moreover, your skin will still have residue oil from the night.

Taking care of her skin in the morning Exfoliate your skin

Always exfoliate your skin in the morning before using your day cream. This is an ideal way to ensure that your skin looks smooth and soft. Exfoliating the skin also awakens your skin and rejuvenates its appearance. However, exfoliating the skin in the morning might not be a bright thing to do if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin. Ideally, look for moisturizing scrubs or gentle deep peels and use them once or twice a week, depending on your own experience with the product.

Tone your skin

Most people end up skipping toners from their skin care routines. Skipping out on the toner can be ideal for people with certain skin types, but it is very beneficial to add a toner to your skin care routine because it balances out the skin and prepares it for moisturizer application. When choosing a toner, it is important to choose one that doesn’t contain alcohol and suits your skin type as well. In order to use a toner, all you have to do is apply some product on a cotton swab and swipe it across your face and neck area.

Use the 24K OROGOLD Deep Day Moisturizer Cream

The next step is to moisturize your skin with the OROGOLD 24K Deep Day Moisturizing Cream. This day cream offers a lightweight formula that protects your skin throughout the day and saves it from the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun and free radicals. It is essential to apply a sunscreen after applying the moisturizer to block out the sun’s rays as well.

De-puff your eyes

If you wake up in the mornings with tired looking and puffy eyes, you need to start using an eye cream or serum that helps you to make your eye area look better and get rid of the puffiness from your eye area. Another way of de-puffing your eyes is to drain your teabag, place it in the fridge until it becomes cool and then place it on your eyelids for a couple of minutes.

Woman doing her morning skin care routineDrink enough water

Drinking water the moment you get up is an excellent way of ensuring that your digestive system functions properly. Drinking water in the morning awakens your body and it also gives you the energy required to keep your systems hydrated and get you through the day.

It’s high time you started exercising

If you haven’t already started exercising, you really need to start now. Do some yoga, jogging or stretching to get your blood flowing, reduce the appearance of dark circles and get rid of puffy looking eyes. If you’re already working out in the mornings, you’re on the fast track to beautiful looking skin. Apart from offering a number of skin benefits, regular exercise also has a number of health and anti-aging benefits to offer.

Don’t forget your sunscreens

It is essential to apply a sunscreen every single day before you leave your house. Apply this sunscreen after the day cream. Always go for a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and make sure that you reapply for every 2 hours of sun exposure.

What to do the night before

There are a few things that you must include in your nightly skin care routine to ensure that you wake up with beautiful looking skin. First and foremost, cleanse your skin and remove all traces of makeup before going to bed. Makeup can be extremely damaging to your skin and it leaving it on your face through the night can lead to issues like acne breakouts, swelling and inflammation. It is also important to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Follow up the cleansing routine with some toning and follow this with a rich night cream before going to sleep. This routine ensures that your skin is thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and protected with the right ingredients to allow it to rejuvenate itself overnight. Don’t forget to change your pillow cases every once in a while because the dirt can get trapped on your pillowcase and this can cause breakouts and irritation. Finally, don’t ignore your hands and feet either. Apply some moisturizing body lotion on your hands and feet. Experts recommend you to wear a pair of cotton socks after applying your foot cream at night. Moisturize the arms and the legs as well, particularly during the winter months.

All this might seem to be extremely time consuming and lengthy, but all you need to do is devote 20 minutes to your skin every day – 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. Following these tips and complementing them with the right diet can actually work wonders in giving you younger, fresher and beautiful looking skin.