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Simple Yet Effective Ways Of Taking Care Of Teen Skin

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Teenager years are indeed challenging as one has to deal with a number of things simultaneously. Teenagers need to be at their best when it comes to their academics. Then, they are at a stage when their social networks do matter a lot to them. Besides, they need to look dazzling and this is the reason they spend some time in gyms as well sometimes. So, all this takes a heavy toll on their skin. And, if that was not enough there are significant hormonal changes in their body during this time, which make the matter even worse for them. Some teenagers even feel depressed all the time and are low in confidence due to their dull appearance. So, when the appearance matters a lot to the teenagers, it becomes important to make sure there are some ways of taking flawless care of the skin.

Common Skin Conditions Experienced By Teenagers

Here are some of the common skin conditions that are experienced by teenagers worldwide.

Frequent Appearance Of Acne

First off, teenagers experience the problem of frequent appearance of acne in their life. This is because of the hormonal changes in the body that prompt the production of oil as well as sebum. The excessive production of the two elements ultimately clogs the pores, which is the reason of frequent occurrence of acne. One must exfoliate regularly besides cleansing the skin daily in order to prevent this condition.


Blackheads are basically the clogged pores that have got oxidized and black after being exposed to air. So, mainly one must prevent clogging of pores.

Addressing Teenage Skin Properly

Here are some of the ways of addressing the teenage skin in the best possible manner.

Cleanse Daily

Teenagers need to cleanse their skin daily in order to prevent building up of sebum, oil, and skin cells on the surface of skin. This is because this build-up is the main cause of various problems that teenagers experience later in their life. Moreover, the cleanser must be gentle and contain such ingredients as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as they are effective in keeping blemishes at bay.


Exfoliating the dead skin cells must be a skincare habit of teenagers, as this process can prevent the things from going worse. Moreover, products that are harsh and have grainy textures must be avoided. Besides, products with crystals or sand are not good either. All these products can be a cause of itching and irritation experienced by the skin. So, one must go for gentle exfoliator and look for glycolic acid as an ingredient instead, as it removes dead skin cells effectively.


Toner serves manifold purposes; since, it is not only effective in reducing the excessive oil piled up on the skin, but is also instrumental in balancing the pH level of the skin. So, one must apply toner after they have cleansed their skin. The toner must be gentle as a harsh one causes more damage than good to the skin.


Moisturizing the skin is a fundamental requirement actually; so, even if teenagers have that oily skin most of the times due to excessive production of sebum, moisturizers must be regularly applied in the morning as well as at night. However, one must go for lightweight moisturizer with non-comedogenic properties. And, it must contain SPF 15 or higher to ensure protection from the sun.

Uncovering Greatest Ways Of Combating Dry Skin

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Occurrence of dry skin is a serious issue that has a great impact on the people. People suffering from the problem of regular occurrence of flakes experience unbearable pain and itchiness as well. They are at a loss to comprehend the reasons for this sometimes, and even if they come to know about the reasons, they don’t know the right strategy to combat the problem of dry skin. Their social life is greatly affected due to this. Moreover, they start losing confidence in their abilities since they don’t want to face their colleagues or friends. However, most of the people experience the process of drying of the skin, but they have certain foolproof strategy to make sure they combat this situation successfully. Here are topmost ways that could help one deal with this problem perfectly.

Find Perfect Exfoliator

Exfoliating the skin is really mandatory for people with dry skin. The exfoliator gets rid of the unwanted cells sitting on the skin. These cells block the pores and make the skin vulnerable to attack from breakouts. Moreover, flakes start to appear on the face of people with dry skin. The whole situation becomes challenging to manage.

However, the right kind of exfoliator at this stage can help people get the desired results. First off, people with dry skin can never think about going for harsh exfoiators. Secondly, the exfoliators that are rich in beta-hydroxy acids or alpha-hydroxy acids should be avoided by people with dry skin. This is because these ingredients can be really harsh on the skin. And instead, one must go for gentle  exfoliators.

Moreover, one must not exfoliate the skin more than two times in a week at any cost, since this could bring more problems.

Never Wash The Face Too Frequently

Another important thing to remember is that one has to avoid frequent washing of the face, as this could take away all the oils present in the skin.

Go For Lukewarm Water Showers

Hot showers are the major culprit for the skin as they strip the skin of the essential oil and leave it completely dry and vulnerable. So, though people might find the showers to be relaxing and rejuvenating, they are actually spoiling the skin. They are affecting the skin negatively. So, one has to fight their desire of taking bath with hot showers, and instead opt for lukewarm water. Moreover, the time meant for taking bath also needs to be reduced. This will also help in preventing the loss of moisture from the skin during winter.

Moisturize Daily

One of the obvious and most effective ways of combating dry skin is application of moisturizer. This issue can never be resolved unless moisture is provided to the skin. The skin will continue to develop flakes otherwise. Moreover, one must have a keen eye on the ingredients present in the moisturizer, and go for such ingredients as ceramides. Similarly, glycerine and hyaluronic acid provide the skin power to retain moisture. Last but not least, one should make it a point to apply moisturizer straightaway after taking the bath. So, moisturizer should be applied on damp skin.

Effective Skin Care Regimen For Teens To Get The Perfect Skin

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The casual attitude towards skin care can no longer be followed once one enters into their teens. One wants to look amazingly appealing during this time and only strict discipline and a proper skin care regimen can help one get that ideal skin. One needs to ensure that they adopt healthy eating habits, and follow a skin care regimen that is trusted and effective. An ideal skin care regimen would include cleansing, using proper moisturizers and moisturizing the skin thoroughly, and never forgetting to wear a sunscreen that would prevent the signs of early aging. So, some of the techniques that could enable one get that glamorous skin include:

Facial Cleansers

The first and foremost step to follow is to get rid of the typical bar soap that is used in most of the households. That bar soap is not useful at all, and rather does more damage than any good. So, it is time to use facial cleansers. These facial cleansers are specifically better for the people with the oily skin as they could always choose the cleaners that are gel based. So, one could get rid of the acnes, and get the shiny skin then. One should apply the cleansers by gently massaging the face and making circular motions.

Facial Scrub

The next step after cleansing is scrubbing the skin. It is necessary to adopt this method now as the skin needs to get rid of the dead cells, since they block the entry of the fresh air. So, scrubbing, either manual or by chemicals leaves the skin fresh, and gives one a rejuvenated feel. However, people who are prone to getting acnes should always avoid harsh chemicals for scrubbing, and rather, should always go for softer chemicals. Moreover, soft beads should be used for scrubbing in this case.

Facial Moisturizers

Well, using moisturizers is a must for everyone, even for the people with oily skin. One could always choose a moisturizer that is oil-free, but moisturizing the skin is a fundamental step towards ensuring the suppleness and glow of the skin. So, one can never omit this step altogether. However, moisturizing should always be done after one has washed his face and allowed it to dry.

Never Popping The Pimples

Well, there are other important tips that every teenager could follow in order to protect their skin. First of all, teens shouldn’t panic after seeing the pimples, and avoid the most common reaction of popping the pimples. This is because this will worsen the condition since the infected portion is just getting immersed in the skin, thereby leading to chances of more redness, swelling, and acnes in the area around that portion.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

The teens must always try to avoid wearing the tight clothes since the skin doesn’t get enough chance to breathe in fresh air then. A person may feel irritated in this case. Moreover, one must pay attention to the type of clothes they are wearing in order to avoid adverse reactions from the skin.

Wearing Sunscreen

Wearing a sunscreen is mandatory for everyone, including the teens. So, the teens should ensure that they wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 25-30 all the time in order to protect their skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.


Organic skin care

People are moving towards organic food due to its numerous health benefits. Besides, organic products are well-known beauty agents across years. Furthermore, there are a number of beauty professional’s blogs to find out the best organic products for beauty enhancement.

The cosmetics industry influenced people to believe that the chemicals are the only way to make your skin beautiful. Do you think what is going to happen when chemicals react with soft skin cells? People don’t know that skin is only able to absorb 60% of the products you apply over skin. No one realizes the long-term effects of hazardous chemicals in beauty cosmetics. The shocking news is that latest findings prove that certain chemicals are related to cancer.


Certain chemicals are known as carcinogen. It means that chemicals are directly involved with creating cancer in humans. In addition, the chemicals are a reason for endocrine imbalance, toxicity in the reproductive hormones, bio hazardous waste and eco-toxicity. Here are some of the chemicals which must be avoided while purchasing beauty cosmetics.

– Formaldehyde
– Arsenic and Crystalline silica
– Untreated mineral Oils
-BenzeneEthylene Oxide
-Coal tar

However, you can use authorized natural beauty cosmetics to clean your skin, moisturize, and exfoliate. These certified organic compounds make sure that your skin is healthy and more radiant in a normal way.


If you’re going to buy natural beauty cosmetics, then supplementary reading will help you to find the best products in the market.


Yanar is one of the leading natural health beauticians and has been writing constantly about organic products on her blog, popularly known as a brighter shade of green. She is an author and wrote a book called Suffocation. This Yanar blog is a flawless site to explore genuine organic products.


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Cori is a certified dietician and has a vast knowledge of beauty, health, and eco-friendly lifestyle. Owing to her versatility in an organic product, she discusses it deeply on her Well Beauty Blog. She had a breakthrough in her career after knowing the side effects of Parabens in contemporary beauty cosmetics.

It’s proven that carcinogen in beauty cosmetics is related to cancer and various other diseases. It’s better time to opt out for organic products, which is eco-friendly.