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Skin Benefits of Buttermilk

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Buttermilk is a drink that does more than just quenching our thirst and refreshing us. We all know that it a by-product of churning cream into butter and is one of the best soothers in summer. But not many know that apart from that it also consists of wonderful health components that make our health as well as our skin adequate.

Experts suggest that it should be included in one’s daily diet. In this segment, we will try and explore why they say so.


It is very effective in lightening the skin tones:

Buttermilk comprises of large concentrations of lactic acid known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). It is used in numerous skin and beauty treatments as well as products. This lactic acid assists in softening the skin and also makes it bright. It also reduces dark spots and tanned skin patches.

The techniques are to blend dried orange peels with buttermilk and form it into a paste. Then apply the paste gently over the skin and let it unfold its magic for half an hour. After that, clean it off using cold water! Do for a month and see the difference.

Wonderful option for fighting sunburnt skin

Buttermilk is also very effective in treating the sunburnt skin. It is an effective lotion that helps sooth sunburnt skin. It comprises of Vitamin A and C which heals the skin and make it nice and beautiful.

The techniques are- Make a mixture of buttermilk, tomato juice and apply it on the affected region. Allow it to stay for some time and wash it off using cold water. Immediately one would feel a cool sensation and will be relieved of the painful sting.

Makes the skin baby soft and naturally beautiful:

We all are aware of the Cleopatra’s beautiful skin and her regular buttermilk bath. Well, our readers can also get a similar looking skin. Just add one or two cups of buttermilk along with some oats to the bathtub and submerge the body for about 20-25 minutes. Do it on a regular basis and see the difference.

Anti-aging benefits

The AHA Lactic acid is also a very good anti-aging natural solution. Mix buttermilk with honey and apply to the skin as a lotion. It cleanses the skin, moisturises it, exfoliates it and gives it and a natural glow. The regular application would rectify the skin imperfections and make it younger looking. It will also delay skin aging probabilities.

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