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OROGOLD Store in los angeles

OROGOLD Store – The Oak

OROGOLD Cosmetics was established as a skin care company to offer its customers with top-notch skin care solutions that concentrate on anti-aging and offer a luxurious experience. OROGOLD Cosmetics was formed to cater to the demands of the anti-aging skin care industry, an industry that has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Each of our products has been designed using high-tech scientific solutions to help you  make your skin look healthier and younger. Each OROGOLD product contains our signature ingredient – 24K Gold – an ingredient that has been associated with the health and skin care industry ever since the Great Egyptian and Roman civilizations. All our products are infused with the finest quality of gold that is imported from Italy.

OROGOLD Cosmetics strives to not only empower you with the tools to nurture and nourish your skin, but also offer you with a comfortable and luxurious environment to do so. Our highly trained staff are always ready to offer you with personalized beauty and skin care recommendations and free product trials as well as free facials are all a part of the OROGOLD experience.

Cutting edge combinations of 24K gold and a number of skin care ingredients such as Vitamins, Hydroxy Acids and Peptides are used to offer your skin with unique and powerful combinations that help you make the years disappear. Moreover, with 15 different collections to choose from, you can be rest assured of finding something for your type of skin as well as cater to your specific skin issues without having to divert your focus from younger looking skin.

Despite having been launched in the year 2008, OROGOLD Cosmetics has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the top skin care companies in the US. We have also expanded to a number of international cities all over the world and our client base now exists in over 20 countries and 13 states in the United States of America.

The success of OROGOLD Cosmetics as a skin care company can directly be attributed to our principles of offering each of our customers with luxurious experiences, quality products and a top-notch service. The perfect combination of these three simple principles is what drives life at OROGOLD Cosmetics. You can easily experience the typical OROGOLD Experience in all of our stores. From luxurious chairs to exotic decors, from wondrous skin care solutions to a heavenly feel, the OROGOLD Experience remains to be the same, irrespective of which part of the world our Stores are located in.

In order to help you understand what suits your skin the best, our specialists also offer you with free expert advice and offer you with free product trials to test out the products on your skin. We make sure that you are well aware of the ingredients contained in each of our products, the benefits that they have to offer and how they react and work on your skin. This allows you to pick and choose products that help you do wonders with your skin care routines and makes sure that you are comfortable and confident about the fact that you’re applying the best and most suitable products on your body.

Luxurious 24k crygenic collection

OROGOLD – 24k Cryogenic Collection

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