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How Did Gold Come into Use as a Skin Care Ingredient?

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From time immemorial, gold has been the symbol of beauty, wealth and sophistication. Back in 40000 BC, gold was first discovered in Spanish caves although the first concrete use of gold has been reported in 3000 BC amongst the Ancient Egyptian Empire. They even named gold as the “body of the Gods”.

Apart from the all the jewelry purposes of this metal, gold was also used as an element of skin care. In fact, stories go that Queen Cleopatra used to apply face mask which contained gold and which was probably the reason for her magnificence beauty. Not only in the historical times, gold has been a significant element for beauty and skin care for the affluent families for ages. However, as there is an accelerated hike in the price of gold, it became almost impossible for most of the people to include the gold as an element for skin care.

However, do we not see gold facial or gold beauty make-up these days? We do. So even with the increase in the value of gold, the scientific and technological studies made it clear that gold is an essential element for maintaining the everlasting beauty. Not only for skin care but gold has also been credited as an important element for medicinal usages. The Asia countries have extra affiliation for Gold leaf facials which helps to reduce the wrinkles and age lines. Gold, with its anti-aging feature has thus created what it is called the “gold fever”. Gold content in the skin care products help to retain the moisture content of the skin.

Founded in the year 2008, Orogold Cosmetics was established with the idea of making the gold skin care products available for all. What made Orogold Cosmetics distinguished from the rest is the use of 24K gold to treat the specific skin types. With these exclusive products, they could address the different skin care and beauty issues. In the last years, it has gained its immense popularity and is now running in 22 different countries all across the world. The products have been loved by one and all due to its highly efficient results. The efficient distributing system has made it possible to circulate the products to the clients even in US.


With the core idea of using gold as the main ingredient and healing agent of the worn out skins, OROGOLD Cosmetics is the best choice not only for best skin care products but also for the excellent customer solution from the expert beauticians.

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