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OROGOLD24K – Golden News – Electromagnetically Neutral Gold the Main Secret Behind Victoria Beckham’s Skin?

Golden News - OROGOLD News and upcoming productsWho doesn’t know of Victoria Beckham? Whether you’re into music, fashion, clothing, accessories, skin care, makeup or football, the name Victoria Beckham keeps popping up every now and then. Victoria Beckham might have turned forty recently, but her wrinkle-free, youthful and glowing skin makes her look a lot younger – that too, despite her extremely hectic schedule and the fact that she has been raising four children. This former Spice Girl has been showing off her enviable complexion every now and then. But what is the secret behind this complexion?

When asked this question, Posh Spice finally took to social media to share two of her secret skin care weapons with the rest of the world. Victoria is considered to be a major fan of a serum that uses plant stem cell technology to help speed up cellular regeneration. This luxury skin care cream is known to boost the creation of new  skin cells and the collagen levels in the skin. It also helps in protecting the skin cells from environmental stressors. But, so many other products also claim of offering the same benefits. What is it that makes Victoria’s serum so different?

The serum is known to be full of electromagnetically neural gold as well as moisture holding molecules that work in tandem to help the skin to look fairer, younger and smoother. And there are very few skin care products that actually contain gold in them. Wait. What exactly is electromagnetically neutral gold? Simply put, your healthy skin has a perfectly balanced electrical charge, which helps to optimize cell functions and allows for rejuvenation and renewal of the skin. Environment stressors such as free radicals and UV radiation disrupt this electrical charge and prevent your body cells from functioning at their optimal capacity. This results in an uneven or dull complexion as well as a loss of radiance and elasticity.

The electromagnetically neutral gold in Victoria’s serum helps in stabilizing the electromagnetic field of her skin which in turn promotes radiant and healthy looking skin and absorbs free radicals before they can cause any sort of inflammation in the skin.

And if the recent interviews of Victoria are anything to go by, Victoria – the girl who doesn’t seem to have aged ever since she burst onto the international scene in the nineties – should manage to go through another 10 years without seeming to age at all.

Here’s to yet another benefit that gold has to offer to the modern day world. In fact, this wondrous metal hasn’t ceased to amaze ever since it was discovered. Apart from being known for that beautiful yellowish shiny luster which made it integral to jewelry, money and ornaments, gold has also shown itself to be extremely integral to the very existence and functioning of mankind.

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