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Gold Qualities

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The Main Qualities and Characteristics of Gold

OROGOLD - Main characteristics of gold

Qualities of Gold

Gold is considered to be one of the most valuable and sought after metals on the planet. There is no known natural substance available on the planet that can manage to destroy gold. Although it can be dissolved by chemical means, it remains as gold in a more dispersed state. Although gold has been known to be used by mankind ever since the time of the ancients, how it came into existence or where it was dwelled originally is still unknown to mankind.

Gold has a scientific symbol of Au and is not magnetic at all. It is regarded to be an excellent conductor of electricity, something that makes it highly useful in the field of computers and electronics. Another reason that made it so useful in terms of electronics and computers is that gold can easily be drawn into wires to form threadlike patterns without breaking down. This makes it the exact ingredient that the electronic industry needed as the size of electronic circuits are reducing by the day. So don’t be surprised if you find some gold in everyday electronic devices.

Gold can neither be tarnished nor be corroded by moisture and it doesn’t rust because of the effects of water and oxygen. It was this fact along with the fact that gold boasts of a unique luster and shine and the fact that gold is an extremely soft metal which makes it possible for mankind to mould it into any desired shape that made gold so popular as a form of jewelry and ornaments.

In fact, gold can be pounded into a thin translucent sheet and still manage to remain as a solid sheet of gold.  What makes these sheets unique is that although they allow sunlight to filter through, they reflect off a considerable portion of the infrared radiation contained in the sun’s rays. This makes gold indispensable to the aeronautics industry. This factor also makes gold a useful tool in skyscrapers. Extremely thin layers of gold are used on the window glass found on skyscrapers to help save energy costs that would be required to keep the buildings cool during the summer months.

OROGOLD - Gold Facials

Gold Facial

Another distinct characteristic of gold, and perhaps its most important characteristic, is its weight. Gold is extremely dense and is regarded to be one of the heaviest metals on the planet. A single cube of gold is known to weigh approximately 1187 pounds. It is this factor that makes it so useful in most gold recovery methods.

Finally, gold has also been associated with skin and health care throughout history. Research has shown gold to be extremely useful for certain kinds of inflammatory diseases and arthritis pain. It is now being projected that gold could also be used to create an effective anti-cancer agent. In terms of skin care, civilizations throughout the world have associated gold with beauty. The rich luster and the fact that gold has always been one of the most popular ingredients in jewelry might make this comparison obvious, but many experts believe that gold actually has a number of skin care benefits.

And this belief isn’t just restricted to the modern world. It is said that gold was commonly used by the Chinese royalty as well as the Romans for skin care. However, the most popular brand ambassador for gold would be Queen Cleopatra, the Ancient Egyptian queen who was famous for her flawless skin and the fact that she used to sleep with a gold face mask every night.

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