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Gold in Skin Care

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OROGOLD24K – Gold in Skin Care

The use of gold in skin care can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Gold is considered to be one of the simplest metals to work with and its shine and rich luster made it an instant hit with jewelry and ornaments. However, the use of gold in health and skin care also developed side by side. One of the first mentions of the use of gold in skin care is for Queen Cleopatra, who was believed to sleep with a gold facial to maintain her magnificent looking skin. Mentions of the use of gold in skin care can also be traced back to the Roman civilization and ancient Chinese medicine. Chinese empresses were believed to have used gold as a secret to their breathtaking beauty.

OROGOLD - Gold In Skin Care

OROGOLD – Gold In Skin Care

According to a study that was conducted by the American Medical Association, gold leaves showed positive results in treating low blood-flow skin ulcers. Additional research was also carried out and this suggested that the use of gold might help with inflammation and treating autoimmune diseases.

Experts believe that gold is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Any product with anti-inflammatory properties is extremely useful when it comes to decreasing inflammation in the skin. This in turn helps to reduce age spots and slow down the secretion of melanin in the body.

Today, the use of gold in the world of skin care has become a necessary luxury. Although medical confirmations and scientific results with regards to the benefits of gold in skin care are still not available, skin care experts believe that one of the main reasons why gold is so popular is that women just love to see gold on their skin.

Using gold in spa treatments

Using gold in Spa Treatment

Countless spas and cosmetic brands around the world have been using gold in their skin care formulations, after being inspired by the use of gold by the ancients. One of the most popular uses of gold in skin care has been in gold leaf facials. Gold leaf facials have gone a long way in terms of representing opulence and glamour. They initially became famous in the eastern parts of the world and have slowly made their way to the west as well. According to the World Gold Council, gold leaf facials have been extremely popular in many Asian countries like Japan. Women who get these facials done believe that these treatments can rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They also believe that the use of gold helps them to lock the moisture content in their skin and bring about a firming effect.

The geishas in Japan are also known to use edible gold leaves on their skin. Despite the lack of hardcore scientific evidence, the glowing skin of these geishas seems to be reason enough to try them out. After all, the Japanese geishas are famous for having some of the most beautiful complexions in the world.

OROGOLD formulated its skin care products with the idea of offering its customers with access to luxurious skin care products that help them to take care of their skin care concerns along with ensuring that they take care of skin aging as well. Each OROGOLD product contains our signature ingredient – 24K gold. This helps us to offer our customers with solutions for their skin concerns without having to divert from our goal of offering timeless beauty.

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