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Give Your Feet The Special Treatment They Deserve

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Picture Of A Woman's Feet

Every part of your body is equally important. However, there are some parts which deserve a lot more care because of the amount of the work they put up daily. Yes, their major work is to ease you in walking, but one has to realize just how importance and tedious that is. The whole weight of your body rests on your feet. Your feet is putting up with a lot of heels, be it a 5-inch heel, high-level regions, tight fancy shoes or simple woolen socks or tight pantyhose.

Not only they suffer from these things, but also bear pounds of our bodyweight, every single day for us to walk. Thus, it is important to realize, how important your feet are and how easily they are prone to damage and injury.

However, you do not necessarily need to go to some expensive spas or visit a doctor to take care of your feet; you can very well take care of them just by being at home and following a few simple steps. Remember as simple as these steps may seem, a lot of us seem to ignore them only to have regrets later.

Remember Cleaning

Your feet puts up with a lot of dirt every single day even though they packed in nice shoes or heels. So, the next time you are taking a shower, remember to apply soap properly on your feet and between the ankles and clean them properly. Not only clean but also dry them up with a towel. This cleansing process removes the chances of having any fungal or bacterial infections.

Soak Your Feet

You don’t have to use any Epsom salts or any other chemicals, simply soak your feet in warm water with a liquid soap which has skin softeners in it.


Remember to apply some creams or lotions to your feet. You don’t need anything fancy, any basic moisturizer cream or lotion is simply fine. Moisturizing is particularly important during the dry winter months.

Keep Wearing Your Daily Footwear On Alternate Days

The basic concern here is that any footwear needs time to remove any kind of odor or infections. Thus you should keep on wearing different footwear on alternate days or not wear same footwear for a very long time.

Never-Ever Hurt Your Feet

Not only are tight and complicated shoes uncomfortable to wear and walk, but they also cause toe shape distortion and painful growth of foot.

Arch Support

Remember the flip-flops you love or the completely flat shoe does not supply you with proper arch support. Even walking barefoot doesn’t provide you this support. You should take precautions to not develop the problem of flat feet and thus avoid wearing shoes that lack to provide your arches some support.

Every Health Change Or Issue Affects Your Feet

Your feet are as integral a part as any other, and thus they are affected by aging, diabetes or pregnancy. Thus, proper footwear should be worn according to the particular needs of your body and feet.

Cautious Pedicures

Whenever you get a pedicure, always ensure the cleanliness of the tubs and other instruments they use for your feet.

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