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Effective Skin Care Regimen For Teens To Get The Perfect Skin

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The casual attitude towards skin care can no longer be followed once one enters into their teens. One wants to look amazingly appealing during this time and only strict discipline and a proper skin care regimen can help one get that ideal skin. One needs to ensure that they adopt healthy eating habits, and follow a skin care regimen that is trusted and effective. An ideal skin care regimen would include cleansing, using proper moisturizers and moisturizing the skin thoroughly, and never forgetting to wear a sunscreen that would prevent the signs of early aging. So, some of the techniques that could enable one get that glamorous skin include:

Facial Cleansers

The first and foremost step to follow is to get rid of the typical bar soap that is used in most of the households. That bar soap is not useful at all, and rather does more damage than any good. So, it is time to use facial cleansers. These facial cleansers are specifically better for the people with the oily skin as they could always choose the cleaners that are gel based. So, one could get rid of the acnes, and get the shiny skin then. One should apply the cleansers by gently massaging the face and making circular motions.

Facial Scrub

The next step after cleansing is scrubbing the skin. It is necessary to adopt this method now as the skin needs to get rid of the dead cells, since they block the entry of the fresh air. So, scrubbing, either manual or by chemicals leaves the skin fresh, and gives one a rejuvenated feel. However, people who are prone to getting acnes should always avoid harsh chemicals for scrubbing, and rather, should always go for softer chemicals. Moreover, soft beads should be used for scrubbing in this case.

Facial Moisturizers

Well, using moisturizers is a must for everyone, even for the people with oily skin. One could always choose a moisturizer that is oil-free, but moisturizing the skin is a fundamental step towards ensuring the suppleness and glow of the skin. So, one can never omit this step altogether. However, moisturizing should always be done after one has washed his face and allowed it to dry.

Never Popping The Pimples

Well, there are other important tips that every teenager could follow in order to protect their skin. First of all, teens shouldn’t panic after seeing the pimples, and avoid the most common reaction of popping the pimples. This is because this will worsen the condition since the infected portion is just getting immersed in the skin, thereby leading to chances of more redness, swelling, and acnes in the area around that portion.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

The teens must always try to avoid wearing the tight clothes since the skin doesn’t get enough chance to breathe in fresh air then. A person may feel irritated in this case. Moreover, one must pay attention to the type of clothes they are wearing in order to avoid adverse reactions from the skin.

Wearing Sunscreen

Wearing a sunscreen is mandatory for everyone, including the teens. So, the teens should ensure that they wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 25-30 all the time in order to protect their skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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