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5 Summer Make Up Tips To Look Natural

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Less is more during summer, when it comes to clothing and makeup. It is important that the clothing and makeup complements each other while adapting the weather/season not only to look more beautiful, but also to protect the skin from the harsh weather. Summer makeup need not to be full face but it needs to look refreshing and less to be practical and to fit in with the beach season.

Protect The Skin

Don’t even think of applying makeup without thinking about sunscreen first. Protecting the skin from the harsh rays of the sun comes in priority. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to the exposed parts of the body and let it be absorbed by the skin for about 30 minutes or at least 20 minutes. Using multitask products that already contain SPF to protect the skin such as BB or CC creams is also a smart way of saving time. But always make sure to reapply for most of these products are not water proof.


As much as possible, avoid using foundation, concealer or any type of coverage. Use powder-based translucent powder instead especially for oily skin because it will reduce the oiliness of the skin as being exposed to the sun will generate and increase the oil production of the skin. Use of tinted moisturizer is also ideal as it makes the skin healthy and glow. However, if using foundation can’t be helped, it is advised to mix it with moisturizer to provide a lighter finish.


Any bronzer is fine when the goal is to enhance or maintain tan skin. Bronzers are perfect to add a little color to the skin and achieve the tan look, though it doesn’t provide a whole tan look. However, avoid using bronzer with shimmer because it will look like a human disco ball was just produced given that the heat of the sun enhances already the shimmer effect of bronzer. Apply bronzer on the apple of the cheeks, above the cheekbones, forehead, chin and eyelids lightly and dust a bit blush on for a better finish.

Mascara And Eyeliner

Give the eyelashes a break. It’s that time of the year where one needs to resort to clear mascara instead of the usual thick black as it will be smudged in the heat. Surely, there are these water proof mascara, but there will always be smudging even with the finest product. Keep the lashes glossy without worrying about smudging by using a clear one. The same goes for using eyeliner. Instead of using liquid eyeliner, resort to using nude pencil for the same reasons for using clear mascara.

Lip Balm Over Lip Gloss

Instead of using the usual lip gloss, use tinted lip balm. Lip gloss will only wear off easily in the heat and it will look like a fussed makeup choice. While using a tinted lip balm will give a long lasting fresh and polished feel, using lip gloss will only add hassle because it needs to re-applied every now and then.

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