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Perfect Skin Care Routine To Be Followed In Monsoon For Getting Ultimate Skin

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Monsoon brings respite from the sweltering heat; however, the season comes with a number of problems, especially for the skin. The humid air provides favourable ground for the appearance of skin problems like acne, breakouts, pimples, and other annoying conditions of the skin. So, it becomes imperative to pay special attention to one’s skin, especially during monsoon. So, here is a perfect skin care routine that one could follow in monsoon that could help them get ultimate skin, which is not only free from all sorts of diseases but also has that natural shine and radiance.

Wash Face Two Times In A Day

Washing face two times in a day becomes one of the essential requirements during monsoon. This is because the air is full of pollutants and germs; so, using a quality face wash is always recommended in order to get rid of the dirt from the face. So, one must wash their face in the morning, as well as at night before going to bed.

Using Toner

Using toner could definitely help in improving the texture of the skin. Moreover, it is recommended that one goes for alcohol-free toner for getting best results. Toner is highly effective in preventing the skin from getting dry. And, people with oily skin could give astringent a try.

Go For Make-Up That Is Water Proof

Well, monsoons always wreak havoc on the skin, especially upon the women who are wearing make-up, since the arrival of sudden rains could put them in an embarrassing situation. So, it is always recommended that one must wear the make-up that is water proof.


Moisturized skin will be able to keep the problem of dryness at bay. This is mandatory to keep the skin well-nourished at all times. So, if the skin is prevented from going dry, this automatically solves a number of problems of the skin, including the occurrence of acne, and breakouts.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is an activity that can never be overlooked in any season, and monsoon is not an exception as well. So, one must exfoliate the skin at least 2 times in a week in order to slough off the cells that are totally unwanted but are forming a formidable layer over the skin, and are preventing the nourishment to other skin cell, which definitely need some fresh air and good treatment to respond positively.

Use Sunscreen Without Fail

Skipping sunscreen is mostly common for people during monsoon. This is because they see the overcast skies and assume the sun is not going to shine that day. However, even little exposure to sun during the day could prove detrimental to the skin. So, one must understand that wearing sunscreen is mandatory skincare routine that must be done in all seasons of the year, especially in monsoon since one is prone to skip sunscreen because of the weather.

Drink Abundant Water

Drinking abundant amount of water helps in making the skin glow naturally. Moreover, it also prevents the occurrence of a number of problems that are otherwise so common during the monsoon. So, to make skin beautiful and fresh from outside one must keep oneself hydrated from inside.

Surprisingly Effective Tips For Preventing The Occurrence Of Blackheads

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Blackheads are quite common among people all over the world. This problem is caused due to the clogging of the pores by excessive dirt and dust. Moreover, excessive production of sebum wreaks havoc in this condition, as this leads to the occurrence of prominent blackheads. So, simply acnes are converted into blackheads over time with the excessive and uncontrolled production of sebum and permanent blockage of the pores. The blackheads are a sort of acne thus that contains oxidised melanin. It is significant to note that melanin is a pigment produced by skin cells. Blackheads can also occur because of the hormonal changes. So, though production of sebum is necessary in order to keep the skin supple and soft, it is the overproduction of this substance in the body that wreaks havoc on skin by blocking the pores, which in turn leads to blackheads. However, there is no need to panic in this condition as one could treat this condition effectively. And moreover, by following certain tips one could prevent the occurrence or re-occurrence of this condition again.


Cleansing forms the first step in the process. One must ensure that the skin is properly cleansed twice daily in order to remove any dirt or dust. Moreover, one must ensure that harmful chemicals are not used at all, since they could further heighten the condition instead of proving to be any good.

Minimizing Makeup

Makeup should also be done with caution. One must never fall prey to the false claims made by the manufacturers of various products, since excessive makeup could do more harm than good. It appears to be quite natural to hide the blackheads that are a source of embarrassment, but doing so could actually prove to be detrimental since one is actually blocking the passage of fresh air to the pores. Hence, minimizing the makeup is the primary requirement in order to get rid of this condition, or for preventing its re-occurrence.

Never Popping The Blackheads

Instant reaction of a person on seeing the blackheads is to pop these in order to get rid of them straightaway. However, one must hold this deadly temptation since this condition could worsen by doing this. Scratching could actually lead to the occurrence of obstinate scars that could worsen the problem.


Moisturizing is a mandatory step for every person, irrespective of their skin type. So, even if body is prone to producing excessive oil, it should never be estimated that the skin doesn’t need to be moisturized in this case. Moisturizing is essential so that skin’s natural pH balance is restored. However, one must choose water-based moisturizers instead of oil-based moisturizers in order to get effective results.

Changing Pillowcases Regularly

Other simple techniques like changing the pillowcases regularly can also contribute to the prevention of the blackheads. This seemingly trivial step could actually prove to be more effective, especially for the people with oily skin. This is because excessive oil that sticks to the pillow can prove highly dangerous as it could clog the pores permanently. So, pillowcases must be changed regularly to prevent the occurrence of blackheads.

Exploring The Efficacy Of Various Skin Whiteners For Skincare

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Taking effective care of the skin is a fundamental requirement of people since skin is the largest organ of the body. Some may start caring for it when they are quite young; other, however, may realize its importance only when they have grown older. However, whatever be the case, a person is bound to get baffled with a plethora of products inundating the market. And the dilemma increases as all the products claim to be the best. Similar is the case with skin whiteners that claim to bring instant results to the people. However, one must be wary of certain things in order to ensure that they don’t get lured into the trap and end up losing money and damaging their health as well. So, certain things that one must understand about various skin whiteners are included here.

Harsh Chemicals Are Not Good In The Long Run

People are crazy to get instant results when it comes to whitening their skin instantly. However, this haste can bring detrimental effects in the long term. There is no doubt that harsh chemicals can bring faster results; however, they could have irreparable effects on the skin. For instance, there is the harsh chemical called hydroquinone that brings faster results but is the major cause behind cancer. So, one must avoid such chemicals altogether even if they provide super-quick results, as they are not good in the long term.

Natural Ingredients Are Equally Efficacious

Another myth that people need to shed is that natural ingredients are equally efficacious as the harsh chemicals. This point is being stressed here since a lot of people simply stop applying skin whiteners after a while citing the reason that they are not at all effective. However, this perception is wrong as natural ingredients are equally effective. The only point is that they take some more time in order to show their effects. However, it is worthwhile to wait for a longer period of time to get the desired results as far as safety of a person is concerned. This is because the natural ingredients are not at all detrimental to the skin. So, unlike harsh chemicals that may even lead to skin cancer, these natural ingredients have no side effects and can be used without any qualms.

Claims Of Instant Results Are Simply Sales Gimmick

The manufacturers of skin whiteners have a great insight into the thinking of a common man. They understand how impatient these people can be. So, they never fail to catch their attention by claiming that their products can bring instant results. However, such claims are simply sales gimmick since the skin whiteners can never give instant results, and one always has to wait for a certain amount of time in order to see the results. So, there is a need to patiently apply the products for a certain amount of time, and never buy a product just on the basis of its claims.

Costly Skin Whiteners Are Not Always The Most Effective

Last but not the least, the tendency of the people to buy the most expensive products does not always bring best results. This is because costly products may contain some harsh and harmful ingredients which may prove detrimental for the skin in the long term. So, one must always look for the ingredients rather than going for the price of the skin whiteners.

Effective Methods To Improve The Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

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People are always worried about their appearance. However, they realize that they need some potent skincare routine only after they have entered into their 50s and when the fine lines or wrinkles become more prominent. So, it is always better to implement an effective skincare routine and follow it rigidly. On the top of it there are some effective methods that could be added to the existing skincare routine that could prevent the person from aging faster.

Include Alphahydroxy Acids

Alphahydroxy acids or AHAs, as they are commonly known, exfoliate the skin. Their inclusion is a must to ensure that one sloughs off the dead skin cells regularly. So, one should go for toner, peels, pads, creams or cleansers that contain AHAs in order to achieve the purpose of getting rid of dead cells off the skin regularly. Their inclusion also ensures that the other methods of skincare are working effectively.

Include Some Specific Serums

Serums are good for skin in general, however, one must go for specific serums in their skincare routine in order to address the problems of wrinkles, fine lines, etc. effectively.

Give More Attention To Eyes

Eyes are the first body part that will exhibit first signs of aging. So, one needs to keep this in mind, and thus, give more attention to eyes. People are more vulnerable to the weakening of the eye ligaments; so, a lot of care needs to be taken of eyes. One must choose an effective eye cream to begin with, and this effort should be corroborated by giving gentle massage to the area regularly in order to promote improved circulation and soothe swelling.

Apply Vitamin

Vitamins are always the primary requirement of the skin. One could never think of donning a radiant skin without the inclusion of vitamins in their skincare routine. So, one must choose the skincare products that are rich in vitamins like vitamin C, E, B, etc. These vitamins enhance the metabolism of the skin. And moreover, one shouldn’t just focus upon applying vitamins on their skin; rather the body must get regular dosage of vitamins in diet as well. So, one’s diet too plays a considerable role in how one appears. Hence, one must eat a balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients, including adequate quantities of all types of Vitamins to get that supple and bright skin.

Never Forget The Sunscreen

While thinking of upgrading one’s skincare routine, one should never forget the basics, and one of the primary requirements of any skincare routine is the inclusion of sunscreen- a broad spectrum sunscreen that shields a person from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Sun is a prominent cause of permanent appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acnes, sunburns, etc. All this leads to premature aging. So, in order to avoid this, one must wear a sunscreen daily under their makeup, and if needed, it must be reapplied as well.

Include Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is always thought to cure acnes; however, it is a great addition in one’s skincare routine as it comes with a plethora of benefits. For instance, it clears the clogged pores as well, and helps in providing a smoother skin.