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Tips To Make Stressed Skin Smooth And Supple

Woman Posing stressed

The skin can be as stresses and your state of mind when working. However, the skin responds differently to the various elements that cause it to be stressed out. Some of the issues that lead to this include lifestyle choices, smoking, diet, makeup, and the use of certain skin care products. Stressed skin can look tight, dry, or wrinkled.

Some well-thought-out pampering is the best the remedy for stressed skin; showing it some TLC (tender loving and care) does the trick, turning that flipped-out skin into something smooth and supple. The TLC is a mix of skincare products each having a particular role to ensure that the skin gets all the right elements in needs to stay clean and healthy. Here is a breakdown of what a super-stressed skin needs to look and feel smooth.


Having a clean skin is the first line of defense when it comes to skin care. While the market is full of skin and facial cleansers, few of these are effective. Bar cleansers are never the best pick because they can clog the pore causing them to enlarge. Liquid cleansers are a safer bet, but the best are foam cleansers. A foam cleanser offers a softer and gentler approach to cleaning the skin, which is the right approach and it strong enough to rid the skin of any makeup and other pathogenic properties.

Anti-Aging Cream

As mentioned, sometimes the skin products we use while trying to take care of our skin only make things worse. However, this does not mean that we stop using skin care products. For instance, the use of anti-aging cream can help revitalize the stressed skin making it look supple. The best kind of anti-aging cream to use is one that has anti-inflammatory and collagen boosting properties as part of its active ingredients.

Facial Mask

Reverting to the need to pamper the skin; the face will look bright and happier when treated to some therapeutic facial mask. Working with a facial mask is a process and one that needs time and patience to allow the mask to work on the skin a good facial mask should have properties that calm stressed skin, replenishing the skin moisture and improving the texture. Every time you apply a mask, give it around 30minutes before taking it off so that the skin can absorb the necessary ingredients. Apply the mask should be done using low pressures and in circular motions.

Antioxidant-Rich Moisturizer

Hydrating the skin is an important process that helps keep the skin moist. Using warm water is one of the natural and simplest methods of activating the skin’s ability to stay wet. But, for dry skin types, the use of a moisturizer is paramount and one that also contains antioxidants and vitamin C along with the skin hydrators. Lotion moisturizers are often the best pick, especially those with low oil content. If you have very dry skin, then hydrating creams are a good choice but make sure you work with a product that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Simple Steps Which Helps In Keeping Your Skin Clear And Healthy

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Taking care of your skin is very crucial. This outmost layer of our body which works as a protective agent needs constant care and support in order to maintain itself and stay healthy. It is in fact not very difficult to look after and a few simple steps when followed every day, works like magic.


Never forget the importance of cleansing when it comes to your skin. Your skin being the outermost layer of your body takes the most of the dust and pollution. Speaking of your facial skin, when not taken care of properly, dust particles set up causing pimples or acne. To prevent your skin from such damage, it is better to take care of it beforehand and therefore never forget how important cleansing is. Not a lot has to be done in order to clean your skin. Just use a gentle face wash which is suitable for your skin and remember to clean your face daily.

Whereas for the rest of your body, you should use body soaps and antibacterial soaps which protect your skin from external damage. You need not buy expensive skin care products in order to take care of your skin; the important thing is to buy the right kind of product.

Tone Your Skin Up

No matter how much mild skin care products you use, you need to tone up your skin in order to maintain the natural pH levels. When you restore your skin to the natural pH levels, you also make it more resistant to bacteria and other micro-organisms. Again, amongst the various toners available in the market you need to select the one which is most suitable for your skin type.

Dab a little toner after cleansing to restore the pH levels, but also be careful with the sensitive eye area.

Add Some Moisture

Our skin needs a lot of moisture to maintain its normal smoothness. After you clean your skin and use the toner, it’s important to use a little moisture. Dry skin is not only itchy and irritating; it also gives your face a very pale hue. A little moisturizer helps in maintaining the natural moisture levels in your skin and helps you with the natural glow.

Do not overdue with the moisturizer. A lot of moisturizers can make your skin oily and sweaty, thus attracting more dust and pollens.

The Art Of Exfoliation

No matter how much cleansing you do or how moisturized you keep your skin, there is always a little amount of dead skin which is there on your face, and it is important to remove it. However, exfoliation is not required on a regular basis and exfoliating once in a while is all you need to do to have the shiny, glowing skin.

Water Is The Best Remedy

Remember to drink lots and lots of water every day. It removes all the toxins from your body and helps keep your colon clean which in turns helps in keeping your skin clean, clear and smooth.

10 Step Effective Skin Care Routine Of Korea

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Taking care of the skin is an essential requirement for people all over the world. However, the people in Korea have discovered a very effective method of skin care routine that works wonders for people with all sorts of skin. The best thing about this Korean routine is that it is all-inclusive and comprehensive, so, people from all over the world could follow the routine in order to reap maximum benefits out of it. The 10 step routine for effective skin care followed by the people in Korea is given here.

Step 1-Using Oil Cleansers

Korean people have realized that the first step to taking effective care of the skin is to ensure that  they get rid of all the dust, dirt, make up, etc. on the skin. So, in order to achieve their aim they advocate using the oil cleansers since these are effective in removing all sorts of make-ups, dirt, etc. They just make use of the lukewarm water while applying the oil cleansers in order to ensure that the make-up is broken completely.

Step 2- Using Water Cleansers

Well, the Koreans don’t want to leave anything on the face, just in case that it may well lead to problems. So, they advocate using the water cleansers after the application of the oil cleansers so as to remove any sort of left over impurities after the usage of oil cleansers.

Step 3- Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the next step adopted by the Koreans. They understand that in order to facilitate the best working of the skin care products, we must enable that these products get in touch with the skin. So, the process of removal of the dead cells is a must as only then the skin care products could prove to be efficacious. Exfoliation is recommended twice in a week by the Korean beauty care experts.

Step 4- Toners

The toners are used in order to restore the pH levels of the skin, so as to make it easy for the skin to absorb further beauty products easily.

Step 5- Essence

Essence is an essential element in a Korean skin care regimen. This is a serum cum toner which not only hydrates the skin but also assists in repairing of the skin cells.

Step 6- Serums And Other Anti-acne Creams

The next step is to apply serums in order to make the skin get back its important nutrients that it may well have lost. Moreover, they recommend using appropriate creams for treating various sorts of skin problems, like acne, etc.

Step 7- Sheet Masks

Koreans have a penchant for sheet masks since they consider this step rejuvenates their skin effectively. So, they always follow this step once in a week at least to get the glowing skin.

Step 8- Eye Cream

Well, equal importance is accorded to the areas under the eyes as Koreans advocate the usage of the eye creams regularly.

Step 9- Moisturizer

Hydration of the body as well as the skin is needed to avoid the occurrence of various problems. So, regular use of moisturizers is recommended by the Koreans.

Step 10- Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an indispensable element in a Korean skin care routine, and they recommend wearing the sunscreen daily, without fail, in order to protect oneself from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Give Your Feet The Special Treatment They Deserve

Picture Of A Woman's Feet

Every part of your body is equally important. However, there are some parts which deserve a lot more care because of the amount of the work they put up daily. Yes, their major work is to ease you in walking, but one has to realize just how importance and tedious that is. The whole weight of your body rests on your feet. Your feet is putting up with a lot of heels, be it a 5-inch heel, high-level regions, tight fancy shoes or simple woolen socks or tight pantyhose.

Not only they suffer from these things, but also bear pounds of our bodyweight, every single day for us to walk. Thus, it is important to realize, how important your feet are and how easily they are prone to damage and injury.

However, you do not necessarily need to go to some expensive spas or visit a doctor to take care of your feet; you can very well take care of them just by being at home and following a few simple steps. Remember as simple as these steps may seem, a lot of us seem to ignore them only to have regrets later.

Remember Cleaning

Your feet puts up with a lot of dirt every single day even though they packed in nice shoes or heels. So, the next time you are taking a shower, remember to apply soap properly on your feet and between the ankles and clean them properly. Not only clean but also dry them up with a towel. This cleansing process removes the chances of having any fungal or bacterial infections.

Soak Your Feet

You don’t have to use any Epsom salts or any other chemicals, simply soak your feet in warm water with a liquid soap which has skin softeners in it.


Remember to apply some creams or lotions to your feet. You don’t need anything fancy, any basic moisturizer cream or lotion is simply fine. Moisturizing is particularly important during the dry winter months.

Keep Wearing Your Daily Footwear On Alternate Days

The basic concern here is that any footwear needs time to remove any kind of odor or infections. Thus you should keep on wearing different footwear on alternate days or not wear same footwear for a very long time.

Never-Ever Hurt Your Feet

Not only are tight and complicated shoes uncomfortable to wear and walk, but they also cause toe shape distortion and painful growth of foot.

Arch Support

Remember the flip-flops you love or the completely flat shoe does not supply you with proper arch support. Even walking barefoot doesn’t provide you this support. You should take precautions to not develop the problem of flat feet and thus avoid wearing shoes that lack to provide your arches some support.

Every Health Change Or Issue Affects Your Feet

Your feet are as integral a part as any other, and thus they are affected by aging, diabetes or pregnancy. Thus, proper footwear should be worn according to the particular needs of your body and feet.

Cautious Pedicures

Whenever you get a pedicure, always ensure the cleanliness of the tubs and other instruments they use for your feet.