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Effective Skin Care Regimen For Teens To Get The Perfect Skin

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The casual attitude towards skin care can no longer be followed once one enters into their teens. One wants to look amazingly appealing during this time and only strict discipline and a proper skin care regimen can help one get that ideal skin. One needs to ensure that they adopt healthy eating habits, and follow a skin care regimen that is trusted and effective. An ideal skin care regimen would include cleansing, using proper moisturizers and moisturizing the skin thoroughly, and never forgetting to wear a sunscreen that would prevent the signs of early aging. So, some of the techniques that could enable one get that glamorous skin include:

Facial Cleansers

The first and foremost step to follow is to get rid of the typical bar soap that is used in most of the households. That bar soap is not useful at all, and rather does more damage than any good. So, it is time to use facial cleansers. These facial cleansers are specifically better for the people with the oily skin as they could always choose the cleaners that are gel based. So, one could get rid of the acnes, and get the shiny skin then. One should apply the cleansers by gently massaging the face and making circular motions.

Facial Scrub

The next step after cleansing is scrubbing the skin. It is necessary to adopt this method now as the skin needs to get rid of the dead cells, since they block the entry of the fresh air. So, scrubbing, either manual or by chemicals leaves the skin fresh, and gives one a rejuvenated feel. However, people who are prone to getting acnes should always avoid harsh chemicals for scrubbing, and rather, should always go for softer chemicals. Moreover, soft beads should be used for scrubbing in this case.

Facial Moisturizers

Well, using moisturizers is a must for everyone, even for the people with oily skin. One could always choose a moisturizer that is oil-free, but moisturizing the skin is a fundamental step towards ensuring the suppleness and glow of the skin. So, one can never omit this step altogether. However, moisturizing should always be done after one has washed his face and allowed it to dry.

Never Popping The Pimples

Well, there are other important tips that every teenager could follow in order to protect their skin. First of all, teens shouldn’t panic after seeing the pimples, and avoid the most common reaction of popping the pimples. This is because this will worsen the condition since the infected portion is just getting immersed in the skin, thereby leading to chances of more redness, swelling, and acnes in the area around that portion.

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

The teens must always try to avoid wearing the tight clothes since the skin doesn’t get enough chance to breathe in fresh air then. A person may feel irritated in this case. Moreover, one must pay attention to the type of clothes they are wearing in order to avoid adverse reactions from the skin.

Wearing Sunscreen

Wearing a sunscreen is mandatory for everyone, including the teens. So, the teens should ensure that they wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 25-30 all the time in order to protect their skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

Countering The Harmful Effects Of Hormones On The Skin In 30s

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The characteristic traits of the people are generally determined by the genes that they are born with. These genes basically control the release of the hormones, which in turn, affect a person. So, one’s skin too is not an exception as the hormonal activity in a person affects their skin, leading to the occurrence of various conditions, like acne, pigmentation, brown spots, etc.                So, it becomes mandatory thus to understand the working of the hormones and how they affect our skin, so as to take relevant steps to combat or counter the harmful effects of the hormonal activities.

Effects Of Stress On The Skin And The Necessity Of Managing Stress

Many working women are mainly seen taking a lot of stress as they are seen juggling with a number of activities, including managing their families, office, etc. It is peculiar to see that such women have a tendency to get affected from acnes. The reason behind this is the fact that too much stress leads to the production of steroids called Cortisol by adrenal glands. Cortisol in turn initiates the production of too much oil from the sebaceous glands, thereby producing favourable grounds for the appearance of acnes and other skin problems like blackheads.

Countering The Effects Of Pregnancy On The Skin

The occurrence of pigmentation is often seen in the pregnant women because of the enhanced hormonal activity. Women are continuously baffled by the brown spots that frequently appear on their skin and threaten to remain permanently on their skin. The main reason behind this is the instigation of the production of the pigment called melanin by the hormone called Estrogen. So, in this case, the pregnant women should always wear lighteners which have significant proportions of Vitamin E and C, in order to stop the proliferation of the melanin pigments. Furthermore, pregnant women should ensure that they always use lighteners with natural ingredients.

Combating The Harmful Effects Of Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills have been proved to increase the levels of Estrogen in the body which are responsible for the occurrence of dark spots on the skin. So, in order to alleviate the effects of this brown spots one should never forget to wear the serums containing abundant amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Keeping Away From The Sun And Wearing Sunscreen

Sun is the primary reason behind so many skin problems, including skin cancers. So, one should always wear the sunscreen of SPF 30 in order to prevent the harmful radiations of sun from entering into the body. Also, sunscreens should be worn in all sorts of weather as most of the people get exposed to the sun incidentally as well.

Limiting The Intake Of Dairy Products

As growth hormones are given to most of the dairy animals like cows, so, one should be wary of consuming too many dairy products since that could instigate the production of oil leading to the occurrence of a number of skin problems.

Preventing Breakouts By Limiting Sugary Substances

One should try to avoid sugary foods containing bad carbohydrates in order to prevent the hormonal breakouts. This is because enhanced levels of sugars in one’s blood spike up the level of insulin as well, and increase the chances of acnes to a large extent.

Understanding The Specific Demands Of The Skin In Various Stages Of One’s Life

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Taking care of the skin can be really taxing at times, since what appears to be a seemingly easy and trivial task can actually be more complex. This is because of the specific demands of the skin in accordance with the specific age of a person. That is, what used to work perfectly for a person in their teenage might not be effective anymore in their 20s. Or, the kind of sunscreen that had been beneficial in the 30s might not be recommended anymore in the later stages of one’s life. So, in this regards, it becomes relevant to understand the peculiar demands of the skin in accordance with various age groups and thus devise appropriate skin care plans.

Skin Care In 20s

A lot of teenagers are frequently affected due to scars and acnes, which are the most obvious skin problems at this age. However, as soon as one enters 20s they should remember to replace their harsh and strong acne-fighting skin care products with milder ones. So, all the products containing powerful salicylic acid should get replace with other effective but less strong ingredients. Also, the area around the eyes too requires special attention at this stage since there could be a drop in the collagen levels. So, as the area around the eyes is sensitive, and thus more vulnerable to get affected, one should devise plans to take effective care of the skin around the eyes and pick up the best available skin care cream, specially meant for treating the dark circles around the eyes.

Skin Care In 30s

30s witness significant changes in one’s skin, especially that of females since they experience significant hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Moreover, pigmentation too, that had been dormant and less visible before, starts to surface during the 30s. This makes one’s skin appear dry. So, it is pivotal to include such products in one’s skin care regimen like anti-oxidant gels and lotions that are instrumental in providing perfect protection to the skin.

One could also choose facial whitening products and use masks as well twice in a week to help the skin retain its radiance and suppleness.

Skin Care In 40s

40s are the periods which herald the occurrence of menopause. A lot of hormonal changes affect the overall level of estrogen in the body, making the skin all the more dry and dull. Women are at a loss to understand this radical change. However, the inclusion of ingredients like ‘retinoid’ in one’s skin care regimen along with the anti-oxidants can prove beneficial since these ingredients provide the charm to the skin by renewing the cells, and making the skin bouncy. Also, it is time one changed the sunscreen to a light yet effective one.

Skin Care In 50s

50s. are the time when the skin becomes more vulnerable to pollution, stress, UV rays, etc. The natural immunity level of the body drops significantly during this stage. So, one should go for such products that help in stimulating collagen in the body. Further, a careful attention towards what one eats, and what lifestyle is adopted further help in preventing the aging of the skin.

Tackling The Deadly Trio Of Oily Skin, Acne And Summers

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People with oily skin are always fretting as soon as the skies beckon the appearance of summers. They become edgy and are always worrying about their appearance. Apart from the embarrassment of carrying the pimples in front of others they have to bear the pain arising from this acne condition as well. In short, their life turns completely tumultuous with the arrival of summers. However, thorough knowledge and understanding of acne and various effective skin care tips, especially for the people with oily skin, will go a long way in ensuring that one’s summers are always as enjoyable as other seasons of the year.

Understanding Acne

Ance is a common infection of the skin that is characterized by the appearance of the pimples and red swelling on neck, back, and most commonly on face. This condition is common in puberty as well since it is directly proportional to the hormone testosterone’s production. Apart from this, excessive oil secretion from sebaceous glands also leads to acne. The role played by other factors like unbalanced diet, blocked pores on the skin, dust, dirt, etc. is also significant. Certain medications too are known to cause acne.

Vulnerability Of The People With Oily Skin

So, having gone through the common factors leading to acne, it is understandable that how people with oily skin are vulnerable to catching acne. This is because pimples appear on oily skin since oil clogs the pores and prevents the fresh air from reaching the pores, thereby providing favourable conditions for the infection of the skin to arise. So, certain effective techniques can provide relief to people with oily skin. Some of these techniques are listed below.

Washing The Face Only Twice

It becomes imperative for the people with oily skin that they limit the washing of their face. This is because frequent washing would incite the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil, since, it would get wrong signals that there is a need of more oil. The glands become more active thus, which proves fatal for the skin since excessive oils are favourable grounds for acne to appear.

Saying No To Soaps

Soaps make the skin rough and dry. Not only this, the skin becomes more prone to the infections from various bacteria. So, soaps should be avoided at all cost.

Go For The Ingredient Salicylic Acid In Face wash

Well, knowledge of various ingredients is always a plus, and with respect to picking up a face wash, salicylic acid is a very good ingredient since it helps in checking the production of the oil. Moreover, it is effective in getting rid of whiteheads and blackhead, thereby providing the skin with the shiny appearance.

Moisturize The Skin Regularly

Well, even if one’s skin is oily, moisturizing the skin is a mandatory process and it must be done at least twice a day. Caution must be exercised while picking moisturizers and one must always go for gentle gels.

Wearing Sunscreen

The importance of sunscreens can never be undermined at any stage. Sunscreens are always a must to provide the skin with the necessary prevention from the UV rays of the sun. Skin needs to be protected from such harmful radiations for sure.