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Tips In Maintaining A Beautiful And Healthy Summer Skin

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For most, summer is the most awaited season because it is the time of the year where beaches and other outdoor activities are enjoyed to the fullest. There are a lot of exciting things that the summer offers to everyone but having a damaged skin is not exciting at all.

Before even thinking about going outside to enjoy the sun’s blessings, think about the risks that the skin might have. Too much exposure to the sun is pretty dangerous not only to people with sensitive skin, but also to everyone.

But the danger brought by the sun is not a reason to stay inside the house and let the wonderful season pass by. There are several ways to protect the skin during the summer season. Here are 10 tips.

Sunscreen Is The Most Important

Most dermatologists recommend sunscreen with SPF 0 because it blocks 97% of rays compared too sunscreen with SPF 15 which blocks only 93% of the sun rays. So, when buying sunscreen always go for sunscreen with SPF 30 to maximize the sun rays protection. Even if there are cosmetic products that say on the label that there’s SPF content, that might not be enough. Still, apply SPF 30 sunscreen just to be sure. Also, buy sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB.

The thing that most people don’t know is that even when it’s cloudy, the UV rays of the sun can still reach the skin so it is important to reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours or as needed.

Avoid Exposure To The Sun When Tanning

When tanning, instead of spending hours lying under the sun, purchase tan products that promotes tanning. A lot of salons offer spray-on tan services. There are also inexpensive products that offer better tanning effect. The most important thing is to be smart when buying those products.

Exfoliate Not Only On The Face

Using exfoliation mitt or glove to the regular body wash will help reduce the risk of damaging the skin from the harsh sun rays. Instead of using expensive scrubs, exfoliation will be best fit to a smart budget.

Eat Smart, Eat Healthy

Food plays an important role in maintaining the skin’s health. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables not only during summer, but also everyday will be beneficial in many ways. Always make sure that the food on the menu is skin health friendly.

Water Treatment Might Do The Trick

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day is also beneficial in many ways just like eating healthy foods. Water consumption helps in maintaining a well-hydrated skin which is important because people tend to sweat more during summer which can cause dehydration if left untreated.

Moisturize From Head To Toe

During summer, the natural oils and moisture of the skin also dries so it is important to moisturize or nourish the skin with oil. Avocado oil is good in both moisturizing and nourishing the skin with oil because it is rich in Vitamin E which is good for the skin.

Saving Our Face From The Embarrassment And Irritation Of Acnes

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Well, it is widely acknowledged that the occurrence of acnes not only cause irritation but also makes us embarrass in front of our friends, colleagues, and other people that we come in contact with. Acnes can completely spoil our mood as they give an ugly appearance to us, and how we look matters the most. This condition worsens in summers when we come in direct contact of the sun that sends powerful UV radiations. So, our skin becomes more vulnerable at that time and the chances of formation of acne are increased. However, there are some simple yet effective techniques which could keep the acnes at bay and prevent us from embarrassment and irritation. However, the only thing that one needs to ensure is that these techniques are followed religiously in order to get the best results.

Washing Face Regularly

Isn’t it simple to simply splash some water on the face regularly? Well, this simple technique is actually very effective as it gets rid of the dirt that gets accumulated on the face. This dirt eventually clogs the pores and prevents the skin from coming in direct contact of the fresh air. So, regularly washing the face ensures that the pores of the skin remain open all the time and the unwanted debris is removed from the face.

Applying Peel And Exfoliating Regularly

Well, the solution to the dry skin is the application of peels. One must choose appropriate peel products that are rich in salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc. in order to help the skin rejuvenate itself. Moreover, exfoliating opens up the clogged pores and provides instant glow to the skin. So, the results of this activity are fast and starkly visible.

Never Forgetting To Wear Sunscreens Daily

Well, the routine of wearing sunscreens daily should be infallible. One must always apply the sunscreen of adequate SPF level daily just like they do other daily activities like brushing the teeth, taking bath, etc. It is very important to protect the skin from harmful radiations of the sun and the sunscreens provide us that safety and security from the sun’s rays.

Being Mindful Of What Goes Inside

Well, keeping  a strict look at what is being eaten really helps one at the end of the day since what goes inside the body definitely affects how one appears from outside. So, people having the cravings to eat a lot of sugars should control their appetite since they are going to end up getting more acnes on their face. Similarly, dairy products should be avoided at all cost and if required, they should be eaten in moderation. Apart from this, drinking plenty of water should also be one’s priority as it gets rid of the waste from the body.

Managing The Level Of Stress

Well, while it is mandatory to focus upon what is being applied and what is being eaten, it is equally important to ensure that one’s stress levels are always under check. This is because a stressful body leads to the occurrence of various diseases, including the formation of acnes. This is because greater stress levels give rise to a hormone which is detrimental for the skin. So, doing regular exercises and meditating can actually help one keep the stress at bay.

How To Take Care Of Your Oily Skin In Summer

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Adjusting to your type of skin care treatment method is important as the seasons change. During summer, you need to consider the risks that these changes may bring to your oily skin. There is nothing abnormal about this. Here are 10 great Tips to help you care for and deal with these risks associated with an oily skin.


For you to maintain a robust skin, you need to wash your face at least two times every day. This will keep your skin healthy and young looking. Maintain your face-washing routine daily and use a nutrient adding cleanser in your skin. Do not over cleanse your skin though. This may lead to excessive oil production.


Do you want to eliminate dead skin cells that are on your skin’s surface? Then you need to exfoliate it. Every hour, your body produces new cells. Exfoliation helps to keep the pores of the skin from being clogged. This results to a vibrant and an attractive skin.

Use A Masque that is Clay-Based

Clay-based masques help to soak up extra oil and skin contaminants. Clay is a vital cosmetic component that helps to heal and promote a healthy-looking skin. For maximum results, apply masque immediately after exfoliation. Do this once or two times every week.

Apply Serum Or A Moisturizer That Is Oil Free

In order to have a bright and a glowing complexion, the water and oil in your skin must stay balanced. You should not apply excessive oil to an oily skin, because it generates excess oil by itself. Adding extra oil to the one it produces can result to a possible skin flaw. This is why you should apply a serum or moisturizer that has no oil. To remain hydrated, your skin needs enough water.

Use A Lighter Make-Up Foundation

In summer, your skin releases more sweat. You need to apply a lighter foundation as opposed to a thicker make-up. A hefty base can melt down and cause a blockage to your pores. You can also use a tinted moisturizer.

Do Not Touch Your Face

Your hands can transmit more dirt, germs and oil to your nice looking skin. This can cause your skin to start breaking-out. To avoid this, let your hands not touch your face.

Remove Excess Oil

Carry some blotting papers with you to help sock up excess oil from your shiny face.

Drink Water in Larger Quantities

Water is a skin cleanser. Consuming sufficient amounts of water helps keep a balance in between the barrier of lipids in your skin cells. Additionally, enough water intake helps with nutrient and blood flow to your skin. Nutritionists advocate for 6 – 8 glasses of water every day.

Keep An Eye On What You Eat

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits that are garden- fresh. Keep off foods that are full of grease. Greasy foods make your skin more prone to breakouts and acne, because they increase the amount of oil in your skin.

Have Sunscreen Protection

If you apply sunscreen daily to your skin, you will shield it from the damaging effects of the sun and from aging pre-maturely. Choose a sunscreen that is oil-free. Use SPF 15 at least.

4 Tips In Achieving A Beautiful Face And Flawless Skin

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This saying is indeed true for there are a lot of definitions of beauty defined by people with different perspectives. While being beautiful doesn’t only involves the physical appearance, the most acceptable and considered as beautiful in this modern society is having a flawless skin, perfect body figure and proportional face features. Taking care of the body figure can be achieved by regular workout and healthy diet. As for the face features which includes eyes, lips, nose and teeth, the methods of keeping them healthy are as simple as brushing the teeth at least thrice a day, cleaning the nose regularly and giving the eyes a good rest through sleeping.

Taking care of the skin is the most crucial part of maintaining beauty as this external organ takes up the largest percentage of the body. It practically covers the whole body so there are a lot of hindrances that may come in the way. But that is not a problem for a smart and disciplined person for there are accurate and effective ways in keeping the skin flawless as well as avoiding these hindrances.


A healthy diet does a lot of good things in the body. It doesn’t only maintain a good body figure, but it also enhances the skin making it healthy and glow from the inside. There are foods that are good for the skin while there are also foods that do not do any good to the skin. Too much sugar and fats for example, may be the cause of being prone to acne. On the other hand, eating foods that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and other nutrients that are essential to a healthy glowing skin will be a smart move. Most fruits and vegetables are the foods that are ideal in maintaining a healthy skin.

Keeping It Clean

Washing hands is a common hygienic practice because bacteria and dirt are everywhere that the skin is highly vulnerable to them. This is in the same way as washing the face, not only to prevent bacteria and dirt from striving on the face’s skin, but also to remove excess oils. Using warm water and an unscented soap is the best way of washing the face. For the best result wash it twice a day, in the morning and evening and moisturize after washing.


As the person ages, so the skin cells do. It is important to remove these dead skin cells as they provide an ugly looking face when seen from the outside. That’s when exfoliating comes in use, removing the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and some stubborn dirt within the pores. Also, the pores open up during the process allowing it to be thoroughly cleaned. Exfoliating at least once a week will do the trick.


When exercising, the blood is circulated well to different parts of the body allowing it to supply enough blood to the skin. Having enough blood supply to the skin, nutrients and other essential minerals needed for a healthy skin will be ensured making the skin healthy and glow from within.

5 Summer Make Up Tips To Look Natural

Woman Wearing Makeup

Less is more during summer, when it comes to clothing and makeup. It is important that the clothing and makeup complements each other while adapting the weather/season not only to look more beautiful, but also to protect the skin from the harsh weather. Summer makeup need not to be full face but it needs to look refreshing and less to be practical and to fit in with the beach season.

Protect The Skin

Don’t even think of applying makeup without thinking about sunscreen first. Protecting the skin from the harsh rays of the sun comes in priority. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen to the exposed parts of the body and let it be absorbed by the skin for about 30 minutes or at least 20 minutes. Using multitask products that already contain SPF to protect the skin such as BB or CC creams is also a smart way of saving time. But always make sure to reapply for most of these products are not water proof.


As much as possible, avoid using foundation, concealer or any type of coverage. Use powder-based translucent powder instead especially for oily skin because it will reduce the oiliness of the skin as being exposed to the sun will generate and increase the oil production of the skin. Use of tinted moisturizer is also ideal as it makes the skin healthy and glow. However, if using foundation can’t be helped, it is advised to mix it with moisturizer to provide a lighter finish.


Any bronzer is fine when the goal is to enhance or maintain tan skin. Bronzers are perfect to add a little color to the skin and achieve the tan look, though it doesn’t provide a whole tan look. However, avoid using bronzer with shimmer because it will look like a human disco ball was just produced given that the heat of the sun enhances already the shimmer effect of bronzer. Apply bronzer on the apple of the cheeks, above the cheekbones, forehead, chin and eyelids lightly and dust a bit blush on for a better finish.

Mascara And Eyeliner

Give the eyelashes a break. It’s that time of the year where one needs to resort to clear mascara instead of the usual thick black as it will be smudged in the heat. Surely, there are these water proof mascara, but there will always be smudging even with the finest product. Keep the lashes glossy without worrying about smudging by using a clear one. The same goes for using eyeliner. Instead of using liquid eyeliner, resort to using nude pencil for the same reasons for using clear mascara.

Lip Balm Over Lip Gloss

Instead of using the usual lip gloss, use tinted lip balm. Lip gloss will only wear off easily in the heat and it will look like a fussed makeup choice. While using a tinted lip balm will give a long lasting fresh and polished feel, using lip gloss will only add hassle because it needs to re-applied every now and then.