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Beauty Tips For The Skin To Enjoy The Winters Excitedly

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Winters are really exciting for the people since they come with astonishing panoramic views. However, there are certain inevitable changes that occur in winters that make people irritable. One such factor which makes the people uncomfortable is the drying up of their skin. Besides feeling the pain of the cracked skin, people feel more embarrassed to go out in the open. However, there by following some beauty tips for the skin one could be rest assured that they are all set up to enjoy the winters excitedly without giving any second thoughts to how they are looking, since they are going to don their best appearances in winters as well.


This is a preliminary step that one needs to follow before one chooses the other treatment options for the skin. This is because all the sunscreens, moisturizers, etc. will prove ineffective unless the dead skin cells are removed. These cells block the contact of the skin with the sunscreens, etc. and thus they cannot penetrate then. So, it is a preliminary step to ensure that other beauty products penetrate into the skin and thus do their work effectively.

Choose The Befitting Moisturizer

Picking up the right moisturizer is really important since the effectiveness of the make-up one does depends upon the moisturizer that one uses. For instance, a too creamy moisturizer is a big no in case of ‘lipid-dry’ skin since the make-up that one puts then gets gummed up. So, in this case one must go for moisturizers which are less greasy. Moreover, if these moisturizers have a good quantity of lipids and ceramides then they too can prove really beneficial for the skin since they make the skin plump.

Not only this, the experts suggest using hyaluronic acid since it is really effective in locking the moisture of the skin. So, moisturizers rich in hyaluronic acid too are really beneficial for the skin.

Revert To Face Primers

The people with dry skins are always advised to use face primers since they retexturize the skin and make it plump and suitable for the application of the make-up.

Rectify The Technique

Well, while everyone goes for the best of the ingredients in the market for getting the perfect results, it is the technique as well that one needs to keep in mind in order to ensure the efficacy of the products that they apply. The trick is to apply the products when the skin is little moist. So, instead of making the skin completely dry and then applying the products, one must ensure that there is some dampness in the skin still, while one is applying the products. This is because the moisture in the skin absorbs the products in a better way as compared to the dry skin.

 Go For The Facial Sprays

Well, after doing all the hard work of picking up the best ingredients, and procuring the humidifiers, etc. for making the skin hydrated, one must never forget the facial sprays which are instrumental in ensuring that the skin remains rehydrated 24/7. So, the facial sprays are easy to use and effective in maintaining the hydration of the skin all throughout the day.

Prevent Wrinkles Through Cosmetic Procedures

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Human beings have always been conscious about their outward appearance. This is the primary cause of the ever changing fashion trends and beauty treatments. In this day and age, we see both men and women seeking cosmetic treatments to enhance their looks and appearance. As we age fine lines, called wrinkles, appear on our skin. For some wrinkles is their worst nightmare—- especially women.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles naturally appear on our body as we age. It is a natural phenomenon where the skin’s upper layer, dermis, loses its elasticity and structure. It begins to wear out as the regeneration of new cells becomes slower.  The skin is unable to hold moisture and healing process decreases. This leads to the appearance of fine lines and folds known as wrinkles. However, aging is not the only reason for their manifestation. Some other reasons for the appearance of wrinkles include


One of the reasons that smoking is bad for health is because it restricts collagen production.  It is the protein that basically holds wrinkles at bay and maintains the skin’s structure. So it is better to think twice before reaching for a cigarette.

UV Rays And Sun Damage

Getting some sunshine in the morning helps in the production of vitamin D but getting too much sun can defile the skin. It brings the onset of wrinkles. It is essential that one should always wear a sun block, an SPF 30. Another way is to cover the exposed skin with the help clothing and hats.

Facial Expressions

Expressions such as smiling, squinting and frowning can lead to early onset of wrinkles. Most habitually used expressions make the fine lines more prominent. Wrinkles that appear due to the facial expression are generally near the corners of, mouth and eyes and between the brows.

Treatment For Wrinkles

There are a number of treatments available for wrinkles. The cosmetic industry thrives on anti-aging creams and cosmetic surgeries to hide the signs of aging. Some over the counter drugs include retinoid creams, or Retin-A based creams. However, to get quicker and smoother results you can opt for any of the following treatment.


These are injections that are directly imbued into the skin fold. Filler injections are also used to innervate collagen to get better skin tone for a longer period of time.

Chemical Peels

It is typically used to even out the skin texture with the help of mild chemical solutions. The dead skin shirks, giving way to newer, smoother and younger skin.


This technique is typically used for skin that has deteriorated due to acne, scars or wrinkles. It smoothes the skin layer by peeling away the dermis and leveling the skin.


This is one the most famous and proven treatment for wrinkles. These injections help in eliminating the crow’s feet and frown lines as they reduce the muscular movement.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is quickly gaining popularity as one of the quickest ways of getting rid of wrinkles. There are a number of laser treatments available that target different parts of face and body. It uses a laser that either peels away the skin layer or heats the dermis for stimulation of collagen production.

All the above procedures must be performed by a certified skin professional or dermatologist. It is important to consult a dermatologist and weigh all the pros and cons before opting for any of the above procedures.


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The wrinkles will never lie about the age, however much one tries to conceal them. Given below are some ways to reduce wrinkles which would help those who have just experienced the appearance of some fine lines or have spent years battling the problem of wrinkles.

Easy Tips For Dealing With Wrinkles

These tips are not very hard to follow and can be practiced in one’s everyday life. They vary from eating good food to a simple lifestyle change.

  • Wearing Sunglasses Or Other Glasses

By wearing glasses, one can refrain from stressing the eyes or squinting. In case there are facial movements on a continuous basis, too much pressure on the facial muscles leads to the formation of a groove, which can eventually take the shape of a wrinkle.

  • Sleeping On The Back

By sleeping on the front or side throughout the night, one can get sleep lines over the face that usually does not fade away or disappear on getting up. With the passage of time, these lines can become permanent, ruining the beauty of the face. There are some people who prefer sleeping on silk pillowcases and sheets in order to minimize the effect.

  • Consuming A Mixed And Healthy Diet

What one eats often decides the state of the skin. Hence, one should make the skin healthy from inside by eating different kinds of foods. It is good to drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol, since alcohol consumption leads to dehydration of the skin.

  • Moisturizing

Even a basic moisturizer containing no exclusive ingredients has the capability of visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines. On application of the moisturizer, the fine lines and dryness will fade and the skin will appear suppler. It would be best to go for a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. A number of skin care products come loaded with anti-ageing ingredients which claim to fade away wrinkles. These can be prescribed by the skin care specialists or are even available for purchase over-the-counter. The amount of active ingredient differs from product to product.

  • Eating Superfoods

There is no ‘miracle’ food that one can eat in order to reduce the wrinkles. However, consumption of food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins helps to maintain the skin in a glowing and healthy state. Vitamins, E, C, A, niacin, riboflavin, selenium and pyridoxine play a pivotal role in making the skin healthy.

  • Consuming Or Applying Antioxidants

Antioxidants are natural substances which consist of plant-based minerals and vitamins. Their main function is to combat the free radicals that are responsible for DNA damage. If the skin cells are damaged, wrinkles may appear on the skin. One can derive antioxidants by consuming kidney beans, blackberries and blueberries. Moreover, antioxidants can also be incorporated within the skin through several skin treatments.

Specialized Skin Care To Eliminate Wrinkles

Vampire facial is a skin treatment that is popular amongst celebrities. Plasma is extracted from the blood taken from the arms and injected within the face. This leads to more cell growth thereby making the skin less wrinkled. Again, there is botox injection which relaxes the muscles below the wrinkles, making the skin above crease-free and smooth.


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Do you know that lot of skin care products have liposomes which are tiny nanoparticles made out of same material as the cell membrane? They send ingredients to skin cells to boost collagen production. It reduces aging and wrinkles.

Breakthrough Study

Researchers at the Southern Denmark University did an experiment using Nanoscope technologies that showed that “liposomes do not cross the skin barrier”. The research has been published in the peer-reviewed PLUS ONE journal. Researchers used fluorescence dynamics testing different areas of skin with various color dyes monitoring how it penetrates the skin. The results of the study showed that the liposomes break apart on the surface of the skin, indicating that they do not stay intact and permeate efficiently.

In a press release, Jonathan Brewer, an associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology said that they have used a different method to establish once for all that liposomes don’t penetrate the surface of the skin. This research has changed the way we need to look at the liposomes. It is crucial, especially for skin care companies. Earlier these were perceived as layers for protection which transport agents under the skin.

Nikita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist, states that it is important to know that the liposomes are still valid to some extent even if they can’t penetrate skin barrier reaching the cellular level. He says liposomes hold the integrity of sensitive elements like resveratrol in the bottle keeping them intact for application to reach the skin’s surface. It will work as they are meant to work.

Whitney Bowe, MD from New York who is also an Assistant medical director of Laser and Cosmetic services at Advanced Dermatology, says she is not discouraged by the studies findings. She says liposomes are still capable of penetration of the active ingredients. She looks out for the data showing the difference these actives make in the skin. Does study show increased Collagen synthesis? Does the skin behave in a different way after using the product for a few weeks? These questions mean more to her than whether liposomes remain intact and cross the skin barrier.

The research group used a nanoscope which is a unique microscope to get deep into the skin and study the effects. They were able to see the liposomes and molecules using this technique. It led to the study of the liposome processes and the activity at the microscopic level. The new technique provided the valuable information into cell functionality at that minute level. It showed that liposomes do not transport active agents under the skin but help agents in some other way to get under the skin.

Implication Of The Study

As the study concluded, though it may not directly cross the barrier, it still helps agents to get absorbed into the skin.