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Benefits of Using Natural Ingredients

Natural spa ingredients

Orogold makes use of only natural ingredients in all its products. Natural ingredients are always better and should be your first choice over products that contain various harmful chemicals. Let us check out the top 5 reasons why natural ingredients-infused products should be used at all times.

  1. Avoids skin irritation – Skin care products that contain harmful chemicals, fillers and artificial colours are capable of causing skin irritation, redness and even breakouts. Skin products that are conventionally produced contain allergic compounds as well. On the other hand, natural skin care products and makeup items work with the skin instead of working against it. They nourish the skin from within and take care of any kind of irritation that you might be currently experiencing.
  2. No side effects – Conventionally produced skin care products contain parabens as they help increase the shelf life of the product. Being synthetic in nature, parabens can mimics the natural hormones of a body and alter the body’s endocrine systems functions. This could lead to harmful side effects in the body and have adverse effects too. Using natural preservatives and products cause no side effects to the body and are completely safe to use.
  3. Saves you from the artificial smell – Skin care products that contain various chemicals often infuses artificial fragrances in their products to cover up the smell of chemicals. This results in a chemical being used to cover up the smell of another chemical. So many chemicals together can cause severe headache in many individuals. Skin care products that contain natural stuff smell just like the ingredient used and not a mixture of chemicals. Some products containing natural ingredients and oils also provide aromatherapy to the body.
  4. Remains gentle over the years – With the absence of irritants and fillers, natural products are an ideal choice over their chemical infused counterparts. Though some artificial products that contain chemicals seem to work just fine for the first few days and give you desired results easily, they tend to cause a lot of unseen damage to the skin over the years. Natural products were beneficial or the body when you first started using them and they will remain so in years to come.
  5. Earth-friendly – Products containing chemicals have a negative impact on the environment as these chemicals also enter the water and air, contaminating it. Products containing natural ingredients are manufactured organically and do not put any chemicals in the air or water during production.

Our natural ingredients are loaded within a ton of antioxidants that help take care of your skin in unique ways. They not only reduce the production of free radicals but can also improve the skin’s appearance and health. No matter what kind of an Orogold skin care product you use, if it contains antioxidants, it will be able to take care of many skin problems in one go. Let us take a look at the top 5 benefits they have to offer.

1. Anti-inflammation – Antioxidants are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that help increase circulation of blood and cell metabolism. Green tea contains antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid that are valuable to the skin. As the inflammation reduces, the skin tone starts getting even, and problems such as wrinkles and acne stay at bay.

2. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles – Though making wrinkles disappear completely is quite difficult, skin care product that contains antioxidants help plump out the skin and gives it a more youthful look thereby taking care of wrinkles to a large extent. Products containing Vitamin C is most beneficial in such cases and work wonders in making your face look younger and healthier.

3. Repairs sun damage – The sun contains harmful UV rays that cause immense damage to the skin when it is exposed to such rays on a regular basis. It gives your skin a dull look, dries it and damages skin cells extensively. The skin appears tough and wrinkles start appearing at an early age.Antioxidant-rich products encourage the growth of new skin cells and correct the damage previously done by stimulating the flow of blood in those areas. Using cleansers and moisturizers that contain antioxidants can work wonders for the skin in healing sun damage. However, it is also important to wear protective clothing when you leave home during the day and use a good-quality sunscreen regularly.

4. Firms the skin – Antioxidants help reverse aging effects by improving the health of the skin and rejuvenating its appearance. This is why there are extensively used in under-eye creams as it helps tone the skin and makes sagging and loose skin firm and tight once again.
5. Treats scars – The cell structure of healthy skin cells is quite different from that of scar tissues. The ones with scars are rigid. Antioxidants help heal scars by increasing the flow of blood to the scar, minimizing its appearance and also helping it to blend with the new skin development. Gels and creams are the common types of skin care products containing antioxidants-rich scar treatments.

Natural Treatments for Tinea Versicolor

How do you like the taste of curd? It is one of the most soothing food items being produced during the terrible months of summer. It instantly cools down our body and also enriches our gut with the nutrient. Do you know about the maker of curd? Well, curd is a dairy by-product. But something develops dairy into curd, and it is a little fellow known as yeast.

While it takes care of our health, it might at times become our enemy. When yeast infects our skin, tinea versicolor comes into existence.

Now let us find ways to treat this infection naturally with little or no side effects.

Tinea Versicolor

Aloe Vera – the blessing

Aloe Vera is a rich source of many minerals and proteins. It has a special protein that specifically acts as an antifungal element. This special protein is called 14kDa. Aloe Vera doesn’t allow the yeast to grow and spread. It limits the infection at the site of occurrence. The gel-like matter in Aloe Vera is the ideal medicine for some skin ailments. Aloe Vera also contains salicylic acid, phenol and urea, which means that it is not just an anti-fungal agent, but also acts a moisturizer which takes care of skin during treatment of infection.

Cup of cure- tea tree oil

One of ancient herbal medicines that can be used topically on the skin affected is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is supplemented with more than one feature like anti-fungal, antiseptic and moisturizer. A routine application of tea tree oil on the infected skin can result in the prevention of several skin issues.

Acid attack on yeast

Yeast is restricted from growing in an acidic environment. ACV or apple cider vinegar should be standing tall on the shelf of herbal medicine. ACV upon application on the infection is less harsh than other synthetic topical medicines. ACV has a mode of action to get rid of the infection. ACV acts as an anti-fungal agent by lowering the pH of the skin around germs. And this is the reason ACV is the herbal cure of the infection.

The sour treatment- lemon

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps in restoring beautiful skin. Lemon juice is often associated with antifungal disease treatments. So if yeasts leads to issues like tinea versicolor, use lemons to bring your skin back to normal health.

 Skin and Hair Benefits of Almonds

We are human beings, born in the lap of nature. But we do not remember our roots and keep destroying nature. Nature has proved itself to be the best friend we have got. It has provided us with numerous products that are extremely beneficial for our health. One such product is the almonds. Almonds are often consumed as snacks. It is a huge source of beneficial nutrients that are helpful for our skin. Let us explore the world of almonds and find out the various benefits that can be gained by consuming these nuts.


Prevents Premature Aging

With the increase in the rate of environment pollution, the chances are high that our skin gets prematurely old. The nutrients and antioxidants present in almonds prevent such problems. The skin stays young and the process of skin aging is delayed.

Prevents Sunburn

The high amounts of antioxidants present in the almonds restrict the sun rays from entering the skin tissues. As a result, the burning of the skin due to the radiation of the sun is prevented. The chances of skin cancer are also reduced because of the antioxidants present in the almonds.

Moisturizes the Skin

The almonds are very high sources of water; as a result the skin tissues stay moisturized. This results in the prevention of the damage of the skin cells.

Skin Diseases are Treated

Skin diseases are often caused by the pathogens because of a lack of optimal skin health. The nutrients keep the skin nourished and eradicate the fungus from the skin cells. The dead cells are replaced by the newer cells and the blood is circulated properly to the tissues.

Boosts the Growth of Hair

Hair growth is another effective benefit derived from the almonds. If almonds can be regularly consumed, the hair roots are nourished from within and the hairs grow strong. More hairs tend to grow because of the protein present in almonds.

Dandruff is Treated

Dry scalp can cause problems like dandruff. Dandruff can be deadly, as it can lead to the loss of hair. Dandruff is treated efficiently by those nutrient-stuffed almonds.

Hair Loss is Prevented

Almonds are very effective in controlling hair loss. If they can be regularly consumed, hair loss can be avoided.

Almonds are absolutely beneficial for our skin and hair. For best results, complement the use of almonds with your favorite OROGOLD products. You’re sure to feel the difference.

Fruits With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the special nutrients grown in plants that protect them from the sun’s scorching heat. The most amazing feature of this nutrient is that they form a protective layer surrounding the skin, which prevents the harmful rays from penetrating into their tissues. These antioxidants cannot be produced in the human body. As a result, we lack behind in securing out skin from the UV rays. Therefore, it is necessary for us to consume fruits and green vegetables that are high sources of antioxidants. Consumption of these natural items allows the antioxidants to spread in our body. The utmost scope of beating the heat is provided by these antioxidants, but where to start? In this article, we would figure out the fruits that contain high amounts of antioxidants. We would also figure out the benefits that can be derived from the antioxidants.



Raspberries are rich sources of antioxidants, and they help you to lose excess weight. The premature aging of our skin is prevented by these antioxidants present in the fruit.


Strawberries are considered to possess the richest amount of antioxidants in it. Not only antioxidants but abundant amounts of the vitamin are also found in this particular fruit. Consuming it on a daily basis protects the skin from solar radiation and avoids the wrinkles.


These fruits are also a great source of antioxidants. Consumption of this fruit results in the protection of skin from various kinds of infections. The antioxidants present in this particular fruit keeps a control on the oil levels of the skin and hydrates the skin. The regulation of water in the skin cells prevents the chances of skin damage.


The antioxidants present in this particular type of nut are anti-cancerous in nature. The cancerous cells are eradicated from the skin tissues. These antioxidants boost up the process of cell regeneration. Therefore, new cells are always produced for replacing the rough dead ones.


This fruit is consumed after being dried. The antioxidants available in this particular fruit fights cancerous cells and prevent the disease from growing. The antioxidants keep the skin tissues safe from the harmful radiation of the sun. Therefore, the chances of skin cancer are removed.


These are the highest source of antioxidants. One serving of this fruit contains about 2490 antioxidants in total.

Therefore, now we have gained enough knowledge about the presence of antioxidants in certain fruits. The next step we need to follow is to shop some of the fruits mentioned above in abundant quantity so that the UV rays fears our skin.

Treating Hair Fall Using Nuts

According to a recent study, the use of nuts in your breakfast can help you treat hair fall problems. If you are getting bored in the evening, you opt out for some snacks. Most of the time the snack you are been looking for include burgers and other fast foods. Very rare it is that a person is snacking on nuts. Well, if you are a gym member, you certainly know about the benefits of the nuts. But here we are not talking about losing weight and gaining muscles. We are about to discuss the nutrients present in various nuts that are beneficial for the growth of our hair. In case, you are getting frustrated by the amount of hair you found on your pillow after waking up in the morning, this article is perfectly written for you. Let us look into the benefits one can yield by consuming different types of nuts on a daily basis.


shutterstock_131163902Prevents dandruff

The nutrients present such as almonds in the different nuts keep dandruff at bay. It controls the oil levels in our scalp; as a result the germs are prevented from attacking our hair. To apply a gentle massage on the scalp, you can even use the oil that has been derived from almonds.

Hair fall problems are cured

Most of the nuts are rich sources of protein. Consumption of nuts regularly keeps the circulation of nutrients to the tips of the hair roots well maintained. Therefore, the roots are strengthened by the protein and hair is tied strongly with the scalp. Thus, hair fall problems are cured. Again, the oils derived from nuts can be used for best results.

Promotes the growth of hair

Certain nuts contain high amounts of magnesium in them. One example of such a nut is the almonds. Other than almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc. are also a great source of hair generating nutrients. Consuming these nuts can bring positive changes on your scalp and the hair would grow much faster.

Makes the hair roots strong

Pine nuts, cashews, almonds are a great source of fatty acids named, omega3. This exact nutrient allows proper nutrition of the hair roots. This results into the prevention of hair fall.

Makes hair shinier

The nutrients present in the nuts, especially Vitamin C improves the condition of our hair and results into the shining of hair. The appearance of our hair can be glamorous, only if nuts are consumed daily.

Now, we know about the benefits of consuming nuts. The next time you want to have a snack; get some nuts guys. Don’t forget to use Orogold 24k collection to get complete skin care protection.


Skin and Hair Benefits from Eggs


Eggs are not just healthy food components but are also very adequate for skin and hair treatment. It is a common ingredient that many hairs as well as skin experts recommend using. It contains various nutrients, vitamins and other benefiting components which prove to be advantageous to both our skin and hair. Plus it is natural, cost-effective and easily available in our refrigerators.

In this segment, we are going to discuss the skin as well as hair benefits of eggs. So follow closely!


First let us talk about the skin.

Eggs are effective in fighting acnes and pimples:

It has components that clean the skin and eliminates pimples and acnes from the core. The tips to use them are- in a bowl mix one egg white along with honey and one tsp. of lemon juice. As the mixing is done, apply it over the pimple region and let it work its magic for some time. Then wash in off with warm water. This will open up the acne pores and clean the impurities that exist within them.

Helps lighten the skin:

Eggs are also very good in the lightening the skin tones. It contains vitamins that assist in the regeneration of newer cells and also help even out the skin tones. The tips are- in a bowl, take one egg white and mix it with half tsp. of turmeric powder and lemon juice. After properly mixing it, apply it on the skin, face and neck avoiding the eyes and allow it to stay for some time. Then wash it off with warm water. Do it regularly and see the difference.

Help removes oily skin:

Eggs are also very good for removing the oily skin. Here are the tips- form a paste with egg whites and orange peels and apply it on the face, neck, or other parts of the body. Let it stay for some time and then wash it off with cold water. It removes the oil that has formulated and will give a nice and oil free skin textures.

Here are some of the benefits for hair. 

Helps in hair growth

Make a mixture of egg white, one tbsp. of yogurt and honey and add half tsp. of coconut oil. Properly mix it and apply it to the hair. Massage with it for some time and then leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water.

It assists in stimulating hair growth:

Make a mixture of egg white, one tsp. of olive oil and apply it on the hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. It will not only repair the split ends but will enhance the growth of hair.

The easier way out

If you would rather prefer to eat eggs than use them for skin and hair, why not try out the range of Orogold products? Made from different ingredients like Shea butter,  peptide, coconut oil and more, Orogold has gold as an ingredient and helps your skin to look younger, fresh and beautiful. Regain that natural glow to your skin, and be more confident of yourself – it’s time to look better with Orogold!

Skin Benefits of Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a drink that does more than just quenching our thirst and refreshing us. We all know that it a by-product of churning cream into butter and is one of the best soothers in summer. But not many know that apart from that it also consists of wonderful health components that make our health as well as our skin adequate.

Experts suggest that it should be included in one’s daily diet. In this segment, we will try and explore why they say so.


It is very effective in lightening the skin tones:

Buttermilk comprises of large concentrations of lactic acid known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). It is used in numerous skin and beauty treatments as well as products. This lactic acid assists in softening the skin and also makes it bright. It also reduces dark spots and tanned skin patches.

The techniques are to blend dried orange peels with buttermilk and form it into a paste. Then apply the paste gently over the skin and let it unfold its magic for half an hour. After that, clean it off using cold water! Do for a month and see the difference.

Wonderful option for fighting sunburnt skin

Buttermilk is also very effective in treating the sunburnt skin. It is an effective lotion that helps sooth sunburnt skin. It comprises of Vitamin A and C which heals the skin and make it nice and beautiful.

The techniques are- Make a mixture of buttermilk, tomato juice and apply it on the affected region. Allow it to stay for some time and wash it off using cold water. Immediately one would feel a cool sensation and will be relieved of the painful sting.

Makes the skin baby soft and naturally beautiful:

We all are aware of the Cleopatra’s beautiful skin and her regular buttermilk bath. Well, our readers can also get a similar looking skin. Just add one or two cups of buttermilk along with some oats to the bathtub and submerge the body for about 20-25 minutes. Do it on a regular basis and see the difference.

Anti-aging benefits

The AHA Lactic acid is also a very good anti-aging natural solution. Mix buttermilk with honey and apply to the skin as a lotion. It cleanses the skin, moisturises it, exfoliates it and gives it and a natural glow. The regular application would rectify the skin imperfections and make it younger looking. It will also delay skin aging probabilities.

If you’re looking for everlasting benefits, do not forget to try out the Orogold range of products. While buttermilk does have anti aging properties, it’s not as effective to what Orogold manages to do. With ingredients like Gold, Orogold stands out on its own, offering amazing beauty benefits.

9 Easy Homemade Skin Lightening Remedies

Everybody knows that Orogold uses gold in its products. However, what else are some natural ingredients that can help you take care of your skin? In this segment we are going to deal about home-made skin lightening remedies. Here are easy 9 remedies that will help you get a lighter side of skin. While not as effective as Orogold products, they can complement your ski care regime well. Use it with Orogold products to get the best results – the luxury ingredients, Gold, peptides and Coconut oil and Shea butter can work wonders.


Orange paste

Take one orange, peel it properly and make it sit in sunlight for a day so that it gets dry. After that take the peel and grind it. One can add 1 tbsp. of unflavored yogurt and after mixing it properly apply it on to the skin. Allow it to stay for 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

Oatmeal mask

Take some oat-meal and mix it with unflavored yogurt. Add juice of 1 tomato and apply it on to the face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then properly wash it off using water.

Milk mask

This is a very popular mask for skin whitening. Take milk in a bowl and add lemon juice and honey of about 1tbsp to it. Mix it up properly and then put it on the face as well as arms. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. Keep doing it regularly and see the difference.

Potato usage

Potatoes are also very effective in skin whitening. Take a potato, slice it properly and put it on to the face for about 15-20 minutes. After that, just rinse with cold water. Do it daily and see the difference.

Lemon mask

Take one lemon and squeeze the juice. Just simply apply it on to the skin portion and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off using cold water and remember not to go out into the sun with the lemon juice on the face. Do it for a couple of weeks.

Orange rind mask

Take an orange, slice it up properly and add milk to it. After grinding it apply it on to the skin and allow it to rest for 10 minutes. After that wash with warm water and see the difference.

Tomato juice

Just squeeze the juice out of the tomato and using a cotton bud apply it on to the skin and face. Let it rest for some time and then with warm cold water rinse it off.

Turmeric face mask

Take about 1 tbsp. of turmeric and also 1 tsp. of flour. Mix it properly and put it on to the face. Allow it to rest for some time and then wash it with warm water as it starts to get tight.

Papaya usage

Slice a papaya and simply put it on to the skin and face. Allow it to stay for 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Do it for a couple of weeks and see the difference!



The 24K Nano Collection Ingredients

The 24K Nano Collection from Orogold is one that uses ground breaking formulas along with the signature ingredient Gold to come up with some of the finest skin care products we have to offer. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and botanical extracts, it is just what you need to get radiant and bright looking skin. The products in this collection are 24K Nano Hydra-Silk Mask, 24K Nano Day Recovery, 24K Nano Night Recovery and 24K Nano Ultra Silk Serum.

You can easily find out about the details of the products by visiting any one of our stores around the world. However, you need first to understand why Orogold chose the ingredients used in these products in the first place and what benefits it has to offer.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is considered to be a great skin moisturizer due to the presence of antioxidants in it. Vitamin E also helps to hasten up the speed at which cell turnover and collagen production take place thereby making a woman look younger and radiant for years to come and fight off signs of aging easily. This vitamin also helps soothe sunburns and reduces the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Acai Berry Extract – The extracts of acai berry are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help make the skin look young and beautiful and also maintain its elasticity. The skin continues to glow and never looks dull.

Avocado Oil – The oil of avocado helps to heal skin that has been damaged due to over exposure to the sun’s rays and is great for dry and itchy skin as it moisturizes it from deep within. The presence of potassium and lecithin in this oil makes it beneficial for hair as well as skin.

Seaweed Extracts – Seaweed extracts are known for soothing all types of skin inflammation be it redness or pimples. It possesses great anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the presence of toxins in your skin makes it look lifeless and dull. The extracts of seaweed help remove dead cells, toxins, and impurities from beneath the skin making it shine and glow all day long.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A helps to reduce fine lines, age spots and wrinkles thereby giving your skin a young look. It also helps fade brown spots and makes dry and rough skin smooth and soft with regular use.

Green Tea – Green Tea is as healthy for the skin as it is for the stomach. Green tea is quite helpful in soothing the irritated skin and minimizing bug bites. You can also reduce the dark under-eye circles and puffiness under the eyes with the help of green tea and its extracts. It is often used to tone and moisturize dry skin.

Morning Skin Care Tips With the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream

Are you aware that certain skin care tips that can really transform your morning skin care routine? There are a few steps that should always be followed in the morning to reveal younger looking skin and take care of your skin in the best possible manner. These tips can really awaken your skin and make it look its beautiful best. Following these morning skin care tips with the 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream from OROGOLD is an ideal way to look refreshed and revived throughout the day.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser

When starting off with your morning skin care routine, it is essential to cleanse your face. Some argue that washing the face isn’t required in the morning because they had cleaned it the previous night. But think about it. Your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself every night. Do you really think that it doesn’t shed dead skin cells at night? Now would you want to leave those dead cells on your face throughout the day? Moreover, your skin will still have residue oil from the night.

Taking care of her skin in the morning Exfoliate your skin

Always exfoliate your skin in the morning before using your day cream. This is an ideal way to ensure that your skin looks smooth and soft. Exfoliating the skin also awakens your skin and rejuvenates its appearance. However, exfoliating the skin in the morning might not be a bright thing to do if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin. Ideally, look for moisturizing scrubs or gentle deep peels and use them once or twice a week, depending on your own experience with the product.

Tone your skin

Most people end up skipping toners from their skin care routines. Skipping out on the toner can be ideal for people with certain skin types, but it is very beneficial to add a toner to your skin care routine because it balances out the skin and prepares it for moisturizer application. When choosing a toner, it is important to choose one that doesn’t contain alcohol and suits your skin type as well. In order to use a toner, all you have to do is apply some product on a cotton swab and swipe it across your face and neck area.

Use the 24K OROGOLD Deep Day Moisturizer Cream

The next step is to moisturize your skin with the OROGOLD 24K Deep Day Moisturizing Cream. This day cream offers a lightweight formula that protects your skin throughout the day and saves it from the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun and free radicals. It is essential to apply a sunscreen after applying the moisturizer to block out the sun’s rays as well.

De-puff your eyes

If you wake up in the mornings with tired looking and puffy eyes, you need to start using an eye cream or serum that helps you to make your eye area look better and get rid of the puffiness from your eye area. Another way of de-puffing your eyes is to drain your teabag, place it in the fridge until it becomes cool and then place it on your eyelids for a couple of minutes.

Woman doing her morning skin care routineDrink enough water

Drinking water the moment you get up is an excellent way of ensuring that your digestive system functions properly. Drinking water in the morning awakens your body and it also gives you the energy required to keep your systems hydrated and get you through the day.

It’s high time you started exercising

If you haven’t already started exercising, you really need to start now. Do some yoga, jogging or stretching to get your blood flowing, reduce the appearance of dark circles and get rid of puffy looking eyes. If you’re already working out in the mornings, you’re on the fast track to beautiful looking skin. Apart from offering a number of skin benefits, regular exercise also has a number of health and anti-aging benefits to offer.

Don’t forget your sunscreens

It is essential to apply a sunscreen every single day before you leave your house. Apply this sunscreen after the day cream. Always go for a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and make sure that you reapply for every 2 hours of sun exposure.

What to do the night before

There are a few things that you must include in your nightly skin care routine to ensure that you wake up with beautiful looking skin. First and foremost, cleanse your skin and remove all traces of makeup before going to bed. Makeup can be extremely damaging to your skin and it leaving it on your face through the night can lead to issues like acne breakouts, swelling and inflammation. It is also important to use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Follow up the cleansing routine with some toning and follow this with a rich night cream before going to sleep. This routine ensures that your skin is thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and protected with the right ingredients to allow it to rejuvenate itself overnight. Don’t forget to change your pillow cases every once in a while because the dirt can get trapped on your pillowcase and this can cause breakouts and irritation. Finally, don’t ignore your hands and feet either. Apply some moisturizing body lotion on your hands and feet. Experts recommend you to wear a pair of cotton socks after applying your foot cream at night. Moisturize the arms and the legs as well, particularly during the winter months.

All this might seem to be extremely time consuming and lengthy, but all you need to do is devote 20 minutes to your skin every day – 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. Following these tips and complementing them with the right diet can actually work wonders in giving you younger, fresher and beautiful looking skin.