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OROGOLD 24K – Orogold History
Golden egg part of OROGOLD historyGold, known to be the most fantasized metal available to mankind, has been associated with beauty, fashion and social status since time eternal. The use of gold in everyday life goes all the way back to the ancients. It is believed that gold was first found in Spanish caves around the year 40000 BC. However, the most concrete proof of the use of gold by mankind can be traced back to the year 3000 BC to the Ancient Egyptian empire. The use of gold by the ancient Egyptians was quite obvious. In fact, they also termed gold as the “body of the Gods”.

However, a little-known fact about gold is that apart from all of its uses that have been well documented, gold was also used as a medium of skin care since time eternal. It is believed that Queen Cleopatra used to apply a gold face mask every night to maintain her everlasting beauty. Gold was also used by affluent households as a medium of skin care throughout history. However, as the value of this metal kept on increasing, it kept going out of the reach for most people, barring a select few. As a result, the use of gold in skin care decreased over time.

Luckily, the technological advances of today have made it possible for mankind to enjoy the wondrous benefits of gold once more. Gold is already being used to deal with a variety of skin conditions and also has certain medical applications as well. Gold leaf facials have become a rage in many Asian countries and the “gold fever” has spread to the west as well. Advocates of gold for skin care believe that gold helps with anti-aging as it can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. They also explain that one of the main reasons behind the success of gold as a skin care ingredient is its ability to lock the moisture content in your skin.

OROGOLD Map of stores around the world

OROGOLD Stores All Around The World

Orogold Cosmetics was founded in the year 2008 with the simple dream of making gold skin care available to society all over again. We launched a unique skin care line that consisted of magnificent collections which addressed different skin issues and problems. What made these products different was that each of them was packed with the wondrous benefits of 24K gold. This helped Orogold to treat specific skin concerns without having from its original dream of offering timeless beauty to its customers.

Orogold Cosmetics has managed to grow at an enormous pace over the years. Despite our recent beginnings, we have already managed to open stores in more 22 different countries all over the globe. Our highly advanced research and development processes, high-tech manufacturing processes and efficient distribution systems have also made sure that our products have managed to reach consumers all over the US.

OROGOLD Cosmetics still concentrates on the use of gold as a powerful skin healing agent and each of our products and cosmetic lines have been designed to ensure that they suit they also help our customers in fighting the signs of aging. Our OROGOLD experience offers customers with a chance of not just having access to amazing skin care products, but also get access to unmatched customer solutions and free professional advice from trained beauticians and specialists.

Orogold aims to solve various types of skin issues and problems and also keeps in mind some common skin related problems around the world. This is why the team behind Orogold has come up with different products categorized into 15 different collections with each of them focusing on a specific skin concern.

Let us first discuss the names of the collections in details for a better understanding. These include the Vitamin C, Bionic, DMAE, Collagen, Bio-Brightening, Oil-Control, Men’s, Multi-Vitamin, Eye, Termica, Caviar, Cryogenic, Nano and Daily Essential Collection. Each of these collections boast of unique and special ingredients formulations which target a specific skin type and area of concern.

Collections such as the Daily Essential Collection and the Vitamin C Collection are designed in such a manner that they can suit all types of skin types and are great to be incorporated as part of the daily skin care regime. The Daily Essential Series is a very basic collection which includes a travel kit in it too. One can either opt for the stand-alone products or opt for the travel kit if need be. You will find a day cream, a night cream and a peel in this series; all of which are basic skin care products required on a daily basis.

Though all the collections in the Orogold range of products contain anti-aging components, there are some collections that focus on specific aspects that result in radiant and youthful looking skin. This would include the Bionic, Collagen, Termica, Caviar, DMAE, Cryogenic and Nano Collections; all of which contain different ingredient formulations and work wonders for aging or dull skin.

Each collection lives up to its name. The Collagen Collection helps to increase the collagen production in the skin while the DMAE Collection firms the skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as is the job of the anti-aging ingredient that this collection is named after. Another great collection is the Men’s Collection that has been invented especially for men, keeping in mind a man’s skin tone and texture and also offers anti-aging benefits at the same time.

With such amazing choices and options being made available to all our customers, one can easily choose the collection that best suits their skin care needs and requirements. One can go through the products and collections on our online site and know about the ingredients being used in them. We understand that each one has a unique kind of skin and this is why we invite our customers to visit any Orogold Store and opt for customized and personal skin care consultations to choose the most suitable product for their skin.

Most of you do not get enough time to undergo intensive skincare treatment but definitely require some on a regular basis in order to keep your skin healthy and clean. When it comes to skincare, lack of time and attention, makes your skin look dull and unappealing. Not only that, harmful effects of a number of unwanted elements like extreme weather conditions, dust and dirt in the environment, harmful ultra-violet rays of the Sun, different types of pollution and unfavorable climactic changes damage your skin in a number of ways. Moreover, lifestyle, food habit, work schedule, tension, stress and aging also take their toll on your skin. As such, various types of skin related problems, which include different types of allergies and diseases, as well as appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, become an integral part of your daily life.

Taking Care of Your Skin
Skincare needs to be an indispensable part of your daily routine. Here comes the role of the 24K Orogold skincare products, which eradicate all existing skin related problems from your life as well as compensate for all damages done to your skin by providing it with all the elements that your skin lacked. The 24K Orogold products actually more than compensate for all the damages done to your skin by a number of hostile elements. These magical skincare products give you back all that you have lost over time – the long-lost glow and freshness of your skin. By making few changes in your lifestyle, food habit and fitness regime, along with the regular use of the 24K Orogold products, you can transform yourself into a person, more beautiful, vibrant and younger than before. No false promise or no hypocrisy is there in the assurance that the 24K Orogold products offer to you.

The 24K Orogold products hydrate your skin, make your skin appear more radiant and younger as well, exclusively with the incorporation of gold – a metal, use of which as a beautifying element, dates back to the historic times. The wide range of 24K Orogold skincare products are loved by women and men alike, and the Orogold fans are serving as the devoted customers of the 24K Orogold products worldwide. This is because Orogold considers that beauty treatment and skincare regimen are not restricted to women alone – men also need to take care of their skin on a regular basis.

Why Gold?
Skin care products rich with skin-loving ingredients are extremely beneficial for the skin, but the touch of gold in these products makes them all the more efficient to fight skin problems with ease. OROGOLD formulates all its products with gold because it is skin friendly and gives amazing benefits. It doesn’t strip away the vital oils from the skin, unlike other skin products or cause irritation.

OROGOLD has revolutionized the skin care products, and it is the most trusted brand for producing clinically proven ingredients that are healthy for your skin. Some skin friendly ingredients found in OROGOLD products are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea and many more. OROGOLD team has done a fine research on the range of skin products they offer. They found gold to be really miraculous for the skin as it is the most precious metal since time eternal. Though gold has many uses, it’s also a medium to get flawless skin. Gold was used in the past by many Queens to attain a beautiful look that lasted for a long time. Thus, OROGOLD makes use of gold in their range of skin care products for a clear skin regimen.

Enjoy VIP Facials at the OROGOLD Store
Boost your skin with a high dose of protective antioxidants. Nurture it deeply and feel the difference. At OROGOLD, you can also enjoy a powerful facial cleanse that will make your skin feel more beautiful and pampered. You will enjoy youthful look and experience a wonderful change in your skin. The cleansing properties of the skin care product at OROGOLD will delight you. This rare combination of beauty and luxury is only found at OROGOLD.
The powerful gold facial cleanse from OROGOLD is customized as per your skin needs. It offers you timeless beauty and helps you see major changes in the skin as soon as you are done with the facial. The facial cleanse is performed using the rich 24k Gold products. You do not have to go anywhere else for your skin needs once you visit the OROGOLD store. From moisturizers to masks, the OROGOLD store will complete all your skin care needs happily.  The facial is simply powerful because it will reduce the appearance of expression lines, restore softness, relax the wrinkles and fight different signs of aging successfully.

About Orogold Stores
The first location of the Orogold stores was Las Vegas where the store was opened in 2009. In just a few years time, Orogold Cosmetics has managed to open more than 250 cosmetic boutiques in top-notch shopping centers all around the world. These boutiques can be found in countries like Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, Dubai and the United Kingdom. Around 150 Orogold stores can be found in America alone in cities from Boston to Los Angeles, from San Francisco to Honolulu and from Miami to Chicago. Moreover, there are new locations coming up soon. One can log onto orogoldstores.com and find out all the information they need on Orogold boutiques.

On simply stepping inside an Orogold Cosmetic Store, you will realize that what you are about to experience is special and unlike what you experience in other cosmetic stores. Orogold stores do not hire inexperienced and unknowledgeable clerks who make random suggestions about your skin before billing the products you wish to purchase. Instead, Orogold believes in hiring only knowledgeable and professional beauticians who care for your skin and cater to its unique needs while also pampering you and offering you a taste of luxury in the process.

Orogold insists that all its guests browse through their entire range of luxury skin care products from hydrating moisturizers to nourishing serums. The fragrance of Orogold cosmetics and its feel on your skin is unique and incomparable. The experienced and friendly staff members are more than happy to answer all your queries; fulfill requests and help you make the right choice every time you visit the store.

However, if you wish to experience the true Orogold 24K experience, then you must visit the demonstration stations and meet one of our skin consultants. The guest is first served a complimentary beverage after which they receive a one-to-one consultation with a skin care beautician. Many of the locations offer couple’s consultation and facials too! Other locations are famous for their private VP suites for personalized facials.

What happens is that the beautician first carefully examines your skin, checks its health and diagnoses areas that require treatment or help. The beautician then suggests Orogold options for improving the appearance of your skin and restoring its health while also recommending a personal skin care plan keeping your skin type, condition and colour in mind. A full explanation is also given to you about each of the products which include details on how to use the products, how each of them works and how it improves the condition of your skin.

Gold is the most treasured metal that is used for different purposes. The use of gold in OROGOLD range of products has offered several benefits to the skin. If you make use of it regularly, then the benefits to the skin are numerous. It is a luxurious skin care brand that has been serving its customers exceptionally since 2008.

Gold Makes a Difference

With OROGOLD, you can enjoy an ultimate anti-aging experience that is superior in every way.
Visiting the OROGOLD stores also allows one to experience a distinct customer service as the skin specialists treat their customers with royalty in the store.

The modern environment has given the skin a hard time, and many see aging symptoms early in life.

The problems of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and different other skin issues becomes quite distressing, especially if you are in early 20’s or 30’s. To get rid of such skin problems, there is just one reliable solution and that is OROGOLD and its range of products.

No matter what is your skin type, there are 100 types of unique products from OROGOLD that can suit your skin and make it look more beautiful and youthful.

The products are a combination of anti-aging nutrients, minerals, vitamins and different other ingredients where the use of 24K gold is also made to make these products, and it offers immense benefits to your skin.

Only real gold is used to make these products that are extremely effective for your skin.

During ancient times, traces of gold were used to enhance the beauty.

Throughout history, its benefits are known, and gold was used in food to welcome the guests in a royal way. Now, Gold is being used for extensive skin care applications, and it works wonders for different skin conditions.

The treatment can rejuvenate your skin and offer flawless skin that everyone dreams of. OROGOLD has made it possible for people to see a dramatic improvement in their skin.

In the OROGOLD stores, one gets a lavish skin treatment that is highly efficient for any skin type and gives one complete satisfaction.

It keeps the skin firm and tight. The gold-infused products are being offered by OROGOLD in 22 countries, and people have experienced some amazing results.

If you’re looking to solve your skin worries, search no more!